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Getting to the top in the world of hotel management is not easy. There are plenty of talented individuals vying for the best roles within the industry. However, those who succeed in realising this ambition can benefit from a career that is challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

They get to meet lots of different people and, in some cases, they are able to travel the world.

To boost their chances of success, individuals can sign up for hotel management courses. These training programmes help to boost people’s knowledge and skills, and they also look great on CVs.

Meanwhile, anyone seeking to work their way up in this competitive sector may also benefit from paying attention to developments within the industry. With this in mind, they may be interested in a list of the world’s top new hotels.

It was compiled by travel site TripAdvisor and it recognises a total of 33 hotels in 18 countries across the globe, all of which opened within the last year. According to the firm, these properties have provided their guests with memorable experiences and have earned a minimum of four out of five on the site’s bubble rating.

Commenting on the initiative, chief marketing officer at TripAdvisor Barbara Messing said: “TripAdvisor has identified the new hotels that have made lasting impressions on our community since opening their doors. Whether travelling internationally or close to home, we encourage travellers to check out, or ‘check-in’ to these new hotels on the scene that are getting high reviews from other travellers.”

In the US, the 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville in Arkansas took the top spot. This was followed by the Refinery Hotel in New York City and the Zero George Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Rounding up the top five were the Capella Washington D.C. in Georgetown, Washington and the El Encanto by Orient-Express in Santa Barbara, California.

On the global stage, the Hotel Casa San Agustin in Cartagena, Colombia came first, followed by the Kura Design Villas Uvita in Costa Rica and the Taj Palace Marrakech in Morocco.

These days, consumers expect the very best when they check in to hotels. As well as impressive rooms, they often expect facilities like gym suites and swimming pools. Also, they have high standards when it comes to customer service.

By following the example of the hotels listed by TripAdvisor, firms may be able to boost their popularity.

Meanwhile, if they play their cards right, individuals who take advantage of hotel management training programmes could end up in charge of impressive properties like these further down the line.

To benefit from the best results, it is important that people select suitable hospitality management training courses. There are plenty on offer, and it is only by making sure they choose ones that meet all the relevant criteria that individuals stand to reap optimal rewards.

Also, by putting maximum effort into their studies, people can help ensure they get the best possible results, and this could have a positive knock-on effect on their careers.

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