Après Ski Activities to Relax and Have Fun in the Resort

Ski Activities

Après is a French term which means “after” in English. It encapsulates any activity you participate in after skiing on the slopes. Whether dancing or drinking at a mountain bar; sledging with new friends; relaxing at a spa, or indulging in local cuisine, the choice is always yours. Here are a few après ski activities to relax and have fun in your resort when you aren’t carving the slopes.

Play Different Games in Your Home Away From Home

Playing different types of games is one of the perfect ski activities. Family ski chalets worldwide feature dedicated playrooms filled with toys for young children and several games for the entire family to sit and enjoy. They also have many board games for families to relax and spend time together in their chalets. Playing games in your resort will help you feel refreshed and all geared up to enjoy another great day of skiing in the mountains.

Hit the Spa

Want to relax completely? It is time for you to get to the spa. Spending a long day on the slopes can be physically demanding, and one of the best ways to unwind would be a few relaxing spa treatments. Most ski chalets offer spa facilities, from swimming pools and saunas to facials and massages. Book yourself in the heated pool, Jacuzzi or hammam to pamper yourself and relax your muscles.

Get to the Bars and Restaurants

With an extensive assortment of bars and restaurants, the mountains are ideal for refuelling and mid-morning breaks. Some of the best drinks that are needed on a ski holiday to keep you refreshed are hot chocolate with whipped cream, refreshing pints and mulled wine, all to be enjoyed by a toasty fire or in the bright sun.

Enjoy Some Music

If the sound of DJ sets, live music and live performers sounds like heaven, choose a ski resort featuring popular music bands and performances. Most ski resorts offer musical entertainment, from piste festivals and nightclubs to piano bars. But keep in mind that each resort is different.

Indulge in Fine Dining Experiences

Fine dining experiences in the mountains are an exclusive yet wholesome and unique après-ski activity. Generally located in the mesmerising mountain-side ski chalets, you will be transported up and down the hill on the back of a ski-doo. And once you are inside the ski chalet with your family, partner or group, you indulge in various cultural delicacies.

Socialise with Other Families in Your Ski Chalet

Family ski chalets are among the best places to meet like-minded individuals and families. Your kids will love meeting new friends and enjoy the chalet’s fantastic facilities. They can play games, watch DVDs and get cosy by the fireplace, all of which will give you well-deserved rest and the time to relax after a difficult day on the slopes.

Now It’s Time To Book The Perfect Ski Resort!

You need not be a party animal to have the best mountain après-ski scene. Take up après ski activities at your own pace. Many ski chalets and resorts like https://www.firefly-collection.com/ offer activities you can enjoy with your family or on a solo ski trip.

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