Checklist for a Great Family Holiday

Every family has their own quirks and habits, so there is no one-size fits all list to make sure you have a great time. These ideas should point you in the right direction though and hopefully get you thinking about what your family needs to remember.


If your child has a particular book or cuddly toy that they use to get to sleep at home, you will need to take it on holiday with you. If they don’t sleep without it in the familiar surroundings of their own bedroom, there’s no chance in a foreign country. 


Playing cards can provide hours of entertainment during airport delays, long coach journeys and rainy days. It will take up hardly any space in your hand luggage and could save a lot of boredom.


If travelling on a ferry, allow the children on deck in the fresh air, at least at the start of the journey. They will probably feel better once they can see, as well as experience the sensation of the rolling waves.

A large boat will be the best first journey because they tend to move about a bit less. It is also worth considering taking a short ferry journey before embarking on a cruise. There is nothing worse than realising you suffer from sea sickness on the first day of a month’s cruising.


Wrap up a number of treasured toys as well as some new ones for flights with children. Unwrapping is exciting whether the toy is new or an old favourite. If you are a nervous flyer, try not to let it show to the children as they will pick up on your nerves. If possible, let children sit with the parent who is the least nervous of flying.

If you are considering taking a short flight, check whether the total time spent including airport check-in, baggage collection and the flight itself is quicker than you would make that journey by train, coach or car. Children are often easier to cope with on transport that they are familiar with. This is especially good if you know that they are nervous fliers or suffer from air sickness.

Lotions and potions 

Mosquito repellent that doesn’t contain a high percentage of ‘deet’ won’t work. The higher the percentage of deet, the lower the percentage of your skin that will end up covered in bites.

Try all lotions on a patch of skin before going on holiday. Children in particular are prone to allergic reactions to some chemicals. Aloe Vera can sooth both sunburn and mosquito bites.

What if something goes wrong?

For every holiday you take, it is crucial to remember to take out holiday insurance. The stress caused by knowing you do not have insurance can ruin your holiday, and if something did go wrong and you were uninsured, you would be in real trouble. If you have had an accident on holiday or suffered from an illness such as food poisoning, you may be entitled to compensation.

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