Honeymooning in Kuala Lumpur

Absolutely idyll by nature, the capital city KL is supposed to hold a ton of leisure activities to try when holidaying this astonishing wonderland. When it comes to honeymooning, the scene becomes more memorable, more precious and of course more private. And thus the city has a plenty of secluded attractions where the honeymooning experience can be made the best.

Here are the handpicked list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur when approaching for honeymoon stay, which can remain deep into the heart and can give an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Tour the romantic spots in the city to make your vacation interesting and ever-memorable. There are many ever-green and vibrant places in the town where you can go hand in hand with your partner and enjoy the elongated weekend without any worries about the routines.

The butterfly park and the KL bird park are such lovely places to take a must visit, as the atmosphere is so green and the variety of species found here are also awe-inspiring than expected. The colorful array of birds performing flawless shows and stunts for the guests just make them feel at the top of the sky. The walkways are also impressively grassy so taking a walk to see the multi-tinted birds will be thoroughly interesting when done with your loved one.

The Batu Caves is such a pleasant site to sight! Tall towering Lord Murugan statue painted in gold which is encircled by the tough and tender green carpeted mountains make the scene absolutely breathtaking. Though this is a religious site there are many opportunities for tour activities. Dining in the restaurants for authentic Indian cuisines served in banana leaf make the dishes absolutely fascinating. KL is a featured multi-cultured town with loads of cuisines served in the restaurants of the town which will be obviously worth to try with your newly vowed partner.

The KLCC park gives a very special moment as there are many things to see and enjoy. The Aquaria KLCC is a featured aquarium which contains marine and freshwater fishes in separate tanks. Snap the appropriate pictures with the whales and the sparks in the aquarium and enjoy the other interesting stuffs in the place.

Accommodating in the city for the honeymoon stay is very interesting as there are many options for the same. Accommodation is particularly very important for the newly married due to many reasons like privacy, the room features and the environment. Picolo Hotel Kuala Lumpur is one of the best hotels in the town where honeymoon stay could be made absolutely worthwhile as the hotel has a very lovely atmosphere. The Picolo Hotel Kuala Lumpur has suites for family stay with all amenities built within the room. Special honeymoon suites are also designed when requested in advance, these rooms are decorated with stunning romantic lights and candles with pleasant colored curtains which just enhances the romance within. Just book away the suites in prior to avoid regrets, as the tourist competition is always more in the city.

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