Na Pali Coast Kauai Guide


Hawaii is often regarded as a place of wonders and beauty. Within this amazing destination lies what is popularly called the “Garden Island”, Kauai. As the fourth largest Island within the Hawaii Archipelago, Kauai is an Island of scenic beauty, immense fun, captivating wildlife, and landmark attractions for residents and visitors from across the globe.

If you ever plan to visit Kauai, then one place to spend some time is the Na Pali Coast. In fact, you wouldn’t have truly been to Kauai without a tour of the coast. It is the most magnificent gem on Kauai Island. But what exactly is it that has made the Na Pali Coast a truly remarkable tourist destination? This post will tell you all there is to know before you plan that next trip to Kauai.


This remarkable region lies beautifully along Kauai’s northern shore. The beautiful coastline stretches from Kee Beach and Makana Mountain on the Northern shore to Polihale Beach on the Western side. The 17-mile-long area towers sharply above the Pacific Ocean just off the Northern shore of Kauai.


The Na Pali Coast is a road-less expanse overlooking pristine beaches, breathtaking cliff faces, historical archeological sites, and rugged hiking trails. The natural forces of the coast are constantly evolving and reshaping the land in many diverse ways. The razor-sharp ridges combine with emerald-hued cliffs to give the Pacific Ocean a breathtaking shoreline. There are several Waterfalls and beautiful beaches for visitors to revel in and enjoy the best of nature.

The lush valley floor can treat you to a great evening walk. The rugged terrain across the coastal area is centuries old and provides just the right sight and feel of the geological conditions of the area.

How to Visit Na Pali Coast

Once you land on the Island of Kauai, you’ll have to decide how you intend to see the Na Pali Coast. There are three major ways to visit; up close by land, by sea, or by air.

Touring the Na Pali Coast by Land: This is, arguably, the most common way to tour the Na Pali Coast. Perhaps, it is preferred because it is the cheapest option. You can either drive to Kee Beach or Polihale Beach, from where you can get a really good view. Another great drive-by spot is the Kalalau Lookout- where the Pihea trail begins- on the Waimea Canyon route. The Pu’u O Kila Overlook is another spot you can take advantage of, to steal an exciting sight from this natural spectacle.

If you want to get more up close, you can consider taking a hike. For time constraints, you can make this hike short and end at Hanakapiai Falls. This is an easy trail that you can complete in just a few hours, but it’s an experience of a lifetime. More advanced hikers can attempt and conquer trails leading to the top of the Pali and even by the edge of 2,500′ sheer drops.

Seeing Na Pali by Air: How about a captivating aerial view? You can choose from any of the numerous helicopter tour companies for a comprehensive aerial tour of the coastal area. This tour would often begin at the Lihue airport, revealing the magnitude and monstrous nature of the Na Pali Coast. By air, you have limitless access to the different scenic views, including the Manawaiopuna Falls used as a backdrop in the global box office success, Jurassic Park.

Na Pali by Sea: This is another highly effective way to see the Na Pali coast in its glory. It is also the safest. NaPali coast boat tours are often offered by tour companies on the Island, departing from the western region of Port Allen. And when summer arrives, kayaking trips can do the trick. With the right weather conditions, you may also find raft tour providers attempting to give you an exclusive adventure to remote beaches and into hidden sea caves.

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