Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In The USA

Tourist Attractions

Choosing the best tourist attractions in a country like the United States can be a huge challenge because of the overwhelming options it has to offer for everyone. Whether you are planning to travel to the East Coast or the West Coast, the beaches of Florida, or islands like Hawaii, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions for People Traveling to the US:

  • Niagara Falls: No trip to the US can be complete without a glimpse of the iconic Niagara Falls on the US-Canadian border. These waterfalls attract millions of tourists every year because they are home to the oldest state park in the US, unique vineyards, excellent eateries, and powerful whirlpools.
  • Grand Canyon: This is one of the most popular natural tourist attractions and visitors can actually stand on the edge of this canyon to see miles below. It has been carved out by Colorado and the canyon has dramatic cliffs; the South Rim draws more crowds because there is an exciting walkway with multiple viewpoints.
  • Statue of Liberty: You cannot miss this grand structure when you are approaching the New York Harbor. The statue gifted by France to the US is a symbol of freedom and standing at 152 feet in height, it is easily the most popular tourist attraction. You can get magnificent views atop the statue; so it is recommended that you arrange for tickets beforehand to avoid the rush.
  • The White House: The official residence of the American President is worth a tour as this historic building has been the residence for all Presidents thus far, barring George Washington. It had been rebuilt after being burnt down by the British in 1814. You can take a tour free of charge, but it is best to book it in advance.
  • Yellowstone National Park: This natural attraction has been home to a huge volcano that created a stunning landscape, complete with hot springs and geysers, and breathtaking waterfalls beside the Yellowstone River. This tourist spot is also home to wildlife like bighorn sheep, bison, grizzly bears, and black bears.
  • Walt Disney World Resort: Located in Orlando, this is by far the most popular amusement park perfect for a family vacation. It caters to kids and adults alike, with its variety of entertainment shows and rides. The resort includes theme parks, water parks, shopping plazas, and theaters, and excellent golf courses and restaurants.
  • Times Square: This is a perfect symbol of the buzzing New York life and is known worldwide for its striking billboards. It is right in the heart of Manhattan and you will find tourists rushing to it any time of the day or night just to click pictures of the intersection.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: This iconic bridge built in the thirties arches across San Francisco Bay and joins Marin County with San Francisco. The red shade of the bridge is in perfect contrast with the blue of the waters below and makes for a rather pretty and surreal sight when it gets shrouded in fog.
  • Las Vegas Strip: This clearly has to be the most sought-after street for anyone traveling to the West Coast. As you walk down the Strip, you can see fabulous resorts and world-famous casinos on your side. The hotels are replicas of some of the most globally-renowned iconic structures and you can witness the biggest musical shows and open-air concerts here.
  • Freedom Trail in Boston: This is a 2.5-mile walking strip that allows you to catch a glimpse of some of the most notable historical structures. Tourists can easily find their way around and they can get information about this trail from the Visitor’s Center.

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