The Top 5 Tourist Attractions To Visit In London

The city of London is replete with peculiar and unique things to see as well as do. However, if you are a first-time visitor in the United Kingdom capital, then there are a number of tourist attractions that you can’t afford to miss sampling. These places are alluringly rich in history and culture, hence making them some of the most sought after tourist attractions that London has to offer. It might be wise to get yourself a minicab company that knows the ways around London and can point you to the best places to visit, Devon cars is an established and growing minicabs service that we would highly recommend. The following are the top five tourist attractions in London.

Buckingham Palace

A visit to London can’t be complete without a trip to sample the queen’s official residence. The Buckingham Palace is normally open to visitors between July and September. Visitors get the rare opportunity to check out the royal gardens and the state rooms. The state rooms, which are normally used by the loyal family to entertain their guests, are exquisitely furnished with extravagant ornaments.

St Paul’s cathedral

Perhaps one of the most breath-taking buildings in the city of London, the St Paul’s Cathedral stands majestically as an exceptional monument in the city centre. Visitors normally marvel at the splendid domed cathedral right from the outside or simply take an elaborate tour inside the magnificent structure. Some people also climb into the dome to sample the Whispering and Golden galleries. From the dome, one can take in the excellent panoramic view of the City of London.

The Tower of London

This is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The tower is about 1000 years old and, together with its surrounding buildings, it is absolutely incredible. Visitors spend hours just wandering through its imposing halls and narrow corridors while taking a mental trip back in time to about ten centuries ago.  

London Eye

For those who want to have a view of London city from a completely different perspective, a good ride on the London Eye is what you need.Standing at a whopping 135 meters tall, it happens to be the highest Ferris wheel to be found in Europe and hence, easily the most sought after attraction in the whole of UK.

The best time for visitors to ride the London Eye should be during sunset so that one can sample the city at that breath-taking “magic hour” which also happens to be just perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Big Ben plus the Houses of parliament

Another indisputably iconic symbol found in the city of London is Big Ben. This happens to be the largest four-faced chiming clock worldwide. One can take a tour to the top of the bell, which is officially known as the Great Bell and kept in the Elizabeth Tower. This tour will take you about 334 spiral steps up.  The steps made of stone will take you to a point where you can wait to hear Big Ben strike at the top of the hour. One can also get behind the clock face and sample the mechanism room to witness how Big Ben works. Getting this tour is never that easy since IUK residents are required to book through the office of their MP.

There is no doubt that London is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the world. Therefore, knowing what places you can visit while there is very important.

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