Chittorgarh Fort Guide With Light And Sound Show

One of the grandest attractions of Palace on Wheels tour is the Chittorgarh fort located in the town of the same name. This fort covers 700 acres of land, covering temples, palaces, towers and other royal structures of Rajput reign. This fort is today, an important heritage site and tourist attraction of the land. The fort is built in the shape of a fish, covering a perimeter of 13 km. The fort is located on the riverbank of Gambhri. The limestone bridge was specifically built to gain entry to the fort. It would take around an hour to scale the whole fort. Your guide will help you understand each structure and history behind it.

Top attractions inside the fort

The fort holds seven grand entrances namely Padan Pol, Hanuman Pol, Bhairon Pol, Laxman Pol, Jodala Pol and Ram Pol. Ram Pol is the main entrance of the structure. The fort holds numerous Jain and Hindu temples like KunbhaShyam temple, AdiVarah temple, Sttaesdevri templeand others.Rajputs had the culture of building towers to remember great victories and bravery. Top towers to spot inside the fort are Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh.

The main palace of the fort is the Rana Kumbha Palace. This palace was built in 20th century. Fateh Prakash Palace is also an important structure, which was converted into a museum. Rani Padmini Palace is the monument where Queen Padmini committed suicide to avoid being captured by enemy troops.

Other important structures inside the fort are Gaumukh Reservoir, Kalika Mata temple, cannon foundry and others.

Light and sound show

Palace on Wheels package includes entry to the light and sound show of Chittorgarh fort, which takes place inside the fort, every evening. The itinerary covers the fort during early evening. Thus, tourists have enough time to enjoy the show, without waiting for a long time. This show narrates the history of the fort, battles and the story of Queen Padmini. The story starts with the beginning of Chittorgarh, during King Chitrangada’search for a capital land in 6th century and story develops as it talks about how the small region of Chittaur, attracted King Chitrangada and how he built an empire. You can also hear many stories and anecdotes related to the fort. The show is conducted in both Hindi and English. In fact, the show is generally conducted in Hindi. It is conducted in English on specific days (Tuesday and Friday) to accommodate tourists of luxury trains.

While attending light and sound show, remember the following points

  1. Bring water with you. Even though the show takes place in the evening, humidity will be at peak during certain seasons.
  2. Bring enough snacks and other entertainment for kids. The show goes for little more than half an hour and kids have to be kept entertained during this time.
  3. Apply mosquito repellent cream
  4. After the show, walk out of the fort, to watch the whole structure being illuminated with thousands of lights.

Chittorgarh is the land of Rajputana bravery, passion and pride. This is the place of numerous stories of courage. This region is famous for its imposing structures, forts, bastions and much more. If you are looking for historic elements, visit the archaeological museum, which holds Stone Age items, paintings, metallic objects, sculptures, terracotta figures and others. The main attraction of Chittorgarh is the fort, which includes temples, tower of victory, palaces, reservoirs, tower of fame, ornamented gate, ancient stairway and much more. Move around the city to find many interesting Rajput traditions. Although closer to Udaipur, this city has kept itself away from commercialization of tourism. If you think that historic elements aren’t enough, you ought to visit Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary to spot numerous migration birds, antelopes, wild boars, mongoose and others. This is the place for any traveler looking for historic, religious, architectural marvels filled photogenic vacation. The fort held more than 84 water bodies and today, only 22 water bodies remain today and the best of all is the Gaumukh reservoir, which is considered as a sacred site among pilgrimage visitors. The city is not just about historic elements and architectural beauties. It is also an important spot for souvenir shopping. The city is famous for fabric works, wooden toys, camel leather articles, embroidery shoes, handicraft items, antique jewelry and others. It is not just desert. You can find numerous natural beauties in the city like Chittorgarh fort garden, Padmini garden and others. Thus, it is a complete tourism destination.

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