The Complete Step By Step Guide To Prepare For A Trip To India

From Delhi’s bustling city streets to the beauty of Taj Mahal, India is wonderful destination that has four regions for each kind of traveller. If you are planning a trip to this country, you have plenty of options to select from. Delhi offers tourist a glimpse of Moghul monuments while the Himalayas give panoramic adventure and vistas. Check out Uniktour for available tours and tour packages in India.

As a diverse country, India’s states experience different climate variations. The summer monsoon season must be considered when planning a holiday in the country. However, other times will have dry and warm weather that comes with nine hours of sunshine every day on average. Perhaps, the most ideal time to visit India is between October to March as the country enjoys hot temperature and clear skies. And if your planning to visit India during the winter season then you must plan a week trip with your family at Manali where yyou can enjoy the beautiful weather and luxury stay at the top resorts in Manali.

Every traveller must be equipped with good information about the country they want to go to. The following information will surely be of help to ensure that you will have a smooth stay in India.


As you travel in India, you can observe street vendors to be really persistent and saying no or yes would only fuel their determination. Thus, it makes sense to sometimes just ignore them. Do not be fooled by people trying to offer you to show you around for free and then later ask for some rupees in return. Also, a lot of women in the streets may try to take your hands for henna marking and then ask you money as soon as they have put henna on your hands.

Rickshaw Travel

As you take an Indian holiday, a number of rickshaw drivers are likely to insist that you go to places or shops that their cousins, friends or family owns. Ensure that you tell the driver beforehand that you want to go directly to your destination. However, if the driver will really stop outside a shop, you don’t really have to go and take a look at it.

Indian Beggars

Usually, it is not easy to come up with the right decision on giving money to beggars and Indian cities are full of them. Giving money to adult beggars and children can result in a further reliance on begging. In fact, if you give a child some money, a whole crowd will immediately mob you. But, many of such beggars are really poor so if you can’t help to give, just do so.

Water Cleanliness

Tap water in India should not be consumed anywhere in the country. You can purchase bottled water everywhere. However, you need to ensure that the bottle’s top is sealed.


Theoretically, a lot of places in India prohibit alcohol especially cities that have any sort of religious significance. But nearly all restaurants in the country supply beer and they do this in an inventive way. That is why you would see yourself drinking beer placed in a teapot. State-licensed shops sell Spirits.

Things to Bring when Travelling to India

  • Mosquito net especially if you have it pre-treated with an insect repellants which has a minimum of 50 percent DEET.
  • Sleeping bag liner to be used aboard night trains.
  • Padlocks to lock up your stuffs while you are in transit.
  • Universal sink plugs
  • Plastic sandwich bags for packing medicines and toiletries.

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