Why Caravan Ownership Affords The Best UK ‘Staycations’

It is fair to say the way Britons holiday has changed markedly over the past few years. Whether by design or default, the word ‘staycation’ has come into popular use to denote the growing trend amongst Brits to spend their holidays in the UK rather than jet off to foreign climes. To be sure, everyone from the Government and regional tourist boards to celebrities and hoteliers have gone out of their way to highlight the merits of holidaying within this ‘Scepter’d isle’.

Of course, there are a great many ways to enjoy a holiday in Britain. Indeed, the accommodation options available are almost as endless as the choice of destinations, with hotels, motels, B&Bs, chalets, tents, lodges, houseboats, camping pods, and even yurts to choose from. However, there is one accommodation option which is so resolutely British, it could – and perhaps, should – be used to promote the concept of UK staycations on posters and billboards everywhere – the caravan.

Whilst holidays in caravans (of the sited, static variety; not the ones that need towing) have always been a favourite of British holidaymakers; it is fair to say their popularity has soared to even higher heights in recent years. However, this is not just because more people have bought into the staycation concept and are choosing to holiday in Blighty; it is also down to the fact more people are buying sited static caravans for sale – particularly on high quality, owners-only holiday parks – outright.

Buying a static caravan gives holidaymakers a sense of freedom which other holiday homes for sale are unable to match. Let’s face it, the unpredictable nature of the British weather, along with the fact most people these days leading extremely busy lives, means it can be hard to determine when the ‘right’ time is to book a holiday away. Owning a static caravan on a holiday park eliminates this problem entirely as owners don’t need to worry about making a booking; they can just pack up their car at a moment’s notice and set off whenever they get the urge/opportunity – to escape the Rat Race for a week or long weekend.

What’s more, holidaymakers who invest in static caravans for sale can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything they will possibly need to enjoy a good break away will be there to welcome them upon arrival. This is because, unlike hotels, B&Bs, chalets or any other type of holiday accommodation, privately owned static caravans on owners-only parks enable those who own them to leave – and store – whatever they like in them, all year-round. This means that holidaymakers can not only be sure they will have all their creature comforts available as soon as they arrive at their park; they can also leave home that much quicker as they won’t have to pack as much stuff to take away on their break.

How’s that for an ideal staycation?

About the author – Bo Heamyan blogs regularly about UK-based holidays and has written extensively about the merits of holiday home ownership for various websites, including TalacreBeach.co.uk.

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