Four Outstanding Short-Haul Scuba Diving Holiday Destinations

It is fair to say most people conjure up images of the Great Barrier Reef, Mexico or the Maldives whenever they are asked about scuba diving holidays. Of course, there is good reason for this; these places are blessed with azure waters, fascinating sites and abundant marine life that can be enjoyed all year-round.However, it is important to note that, whilst destinations like Australia and the Maldives provide truly excellent scuba diving opportunities, they are certainly not the only places that can boast this capability. Indeed, there are plenty of other locations around the world where diving enthusiasts can indulge their passion and enjoy a week or two of pure joy beneath the waves. Moreover, many of these alternative scuba holiday destinations are much easier to get to from the UK; therefore diving enthusiasts can look forward to visiting them far more often, thereby getting much more value for money from their scuba diving insurance policies! Make sure that to enjoy this sports you are properly prepared and have the right kind of equipments and clothes some of which you can find at

So where’s good?


With its glorious Mediterranean climate and spectacular crystal clear waters, Majorca is an ideal place for aqua-lunged holidaymakers to indulge in adventurous watersports. Alcudia is a good place to be based as it has beaches stretching a full 9km to Playa de Muro and boasts stunning underwater worlds affording plentiful diving and snorkelling opportunities. Above the waves, there are all manner of sailing and other surface-based activities for holidaymakers of all ages to try their hand at.


Tenerife is a great place for diving holidays as it has a wide selection of dive spots to accommodate divers of all competency levels. With everything from man made wrecks and natural diving sites to be explored and all manner of marine life, including tropical fish, sting rays and even green turtles, to encounter along the way, Tenerife is as good a place as any to blow bubbles.


The fact that much of its 3,500km long coastline remains unexplored is one of the main reasons why Morocco is growing in popularity amongst scuba diving enthusiasts. The other reason is that the waters here are home to a wide variety of marine life and mammals – including dolphins and whales – and contain some of the rarest marine fauna to be found along the seabed, so it is certainly an exciting place to dive.

Red Sea

There are few better places to enjoy scuba diving holidays than Egypt’s Red Sea resorts as the waters here teem with beautiful fish, mesmerising corals and ghostly shipwrecks. Everyone from beginners to advanced divers are well catered for; indeed there are more than 50 companies operating in Sharm El Sheikh alone!

Needless to say, anyone going on a diving holiday needs to ensure they have suitable scuba insurance before they pack their fins. As well as being invaluable in the event of something going wrong, diving insurance provides priceless peace of mind so it really should be the first thing every dive enthusiast considers when planning a trip of this kind.

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