Singapore – Topping The Ranks For Expatriate Life

Singapore that is known for cleanliness has been able to top the list for expatriate life. Yes, what you are thinking is right! This is the second consecutive time that this is acquiring the top spot. In spite of the fact that Sweden is the best place in terms of growing children and Switzerland is offering the highest pay rates, Singapore is continuing to be hot among the expatriates from across the corners of the globe. So, it’s obvious that it is staying best in all the key indicators. Let’s learn more about this here…

Annual Poll confirms this:

In the annual polls that were conducted, Singapore ranked high across the major indicators of pay, life quality, and friendly zones. What set it upfront from its competitors are the personal, as well as financial securities that can be experienced by the people living there. Thus, it overrides the other best nations like Canada and New Zealand to acquire the top rank. From these results, we can also understand that other major nations like the U.S. and the U.K. have got only the mid-spots in the polls.

What’s the feeling of Expatriates?

From the surveys, it is seen that nearly two-thirds of expatriates feel that their life’s overall quality enhanced after having moved to Singapore. Also, it’s surprising to note that over 60% of these participants have exclaimed that they earn more after coming here than they were making in their home countries. Moreover, almost the same number of expats has mentioned that they could save more being in Lion City. Almost 73% of these expats exclaimed that they are more confident of the country’s local economic status and 62% feel it’s the right place to move forward in their careers. Furthermore, around 58% feel that the city is good for starting a new business.

More important of all, over half of the expats feel that they are leading healthier lives here. Besides these, around 84% of them feel that the city-state is safer than their native land. Almost 75% expats remarked that the schooling here is better than their home countries.

Not only these, we can also see that the financial compensation also was not bad in the island-city. On an average, the expats here are found to be making 139,000 dollars in a year with 23% of poll participants making over 200,000 dollars.

How Singapore beat New Zealand?

According to the research that was conducted by, it has been noted that New Zealand is close to the island-city in several metrics. How does it beat New Zealand? What brought New Zealand down in the ranking is the country’s economy rating. We can find that the NZ was ranked only at forty-first in terms of personal finances, which is far behind the island-city. In this particular metric, Lion City was ranked at eighth. It’s to be noted here that no other Asian country has made it top ten in this list. Thus, the Lion City made it again!

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