SetuBabakan: Where To Go In Jakarta When The City Is Already Full

Okay, so now that you have made your mind about going to Jakarta, you need to think about where to go in jakarta during your stay. This may look easy and like something that can be solved on the go. But to be honest, if you choose to go with the flow, chances are you will get overwhelmed by the many options to take. In the event that you go to the city without preparations, you will not have the chance to choose places to go to comfortably. All will be rushed and you should have known by now that doing things in a rush will not give you satisfying results.

So, where to go in jakarta during holidays? This is a tough nut to crack. Jakarta is already hectic even when it is not holidays. During holidays (national or religious) people would flock to tourism spots. Choosing to go to public spaces would mean that you will have to share your personal spaces with a lot of other fellow visitors and if you are not comfortable with this, your trip will ruin your mood for the day. Malls and shopping centers are already crowded with people during the regular days; you can only imagine what they would be like during the holidays. The only remaining option is museums. Museums are regrettably not a fan favorite the activities to do in these places are limited. However, choosing museums as your go-to holiday destination is still at risk. The amount of time it takes to get there would be tremendously great, thanks to the streets and the roads being riddled with people going out at virtually the same time. Suffice to say, going to Jakarta during holidays is a pretty risky decision. However, there still another option to take to save your Jakarta holiday—if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone.

If you ask where to go in jakarta Indonesia during either national or religious holidays, the answer would be to go to the city’s outskirt. More precisely, you need to go to SetuBabakan. SetuBabakan (or Situ Babakan in another dialect variation), is a traditional village that still holds on strongly to its Batavian culture values. To put it in another way, this village is still untouched by tall buildings and air pollution. Cultural heritage is still well-preserved in this village. It is popular among tourist, either domestic or international. The fact that the village is located mere 19km south of the city center only emphasizes how the modern life of Jakarta stands in contrasts with the village’s traditional ways of life. It is a heaven reserved for those who seek to cut themselves a slack from the city bustling with tall buildings and crowded with people going back and forth. A couple of facts about this village can be observed through the list below:

  1. SetuBabakan lies in a landscape dominated by manmade lakes and plantations.
  2. The village’s name is a namesake of one of such lakes, fed by Ciliwung River. Therefore, people of this village work as fishermen mostly, in addition to farmers.
  3. Villagers are very friendly toward outsiders as evidenced by the fact that they often offer visitors varieties of harvest samples.
  4. You can enjoy local and traditional snacks and other culinary products specific to this village.

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