Are You Ready For A Spontaneous Campervan Adventure?

Going on a map-less campervan trip can be an exciting experience, trusting your sense of adventure and going wherever the road takes you. You’re confident especially because you can drive well and have a sense of direction most of the time. But unlike travelling with a rucksack, you will have to consider if your camper is also ready for the adventure. If your vehicle’s not set, then you’re definitely not ready for the road trip of your lifetime.

So how can you be sure that you’re ready to go? Well, here’s a not so secret answer: ‘preparation’.

You’re going on a trip without a specific itinerary, so you can’t be sure whether the place you’ll be in will have the things you need. You could ask people around for assistance but it’s not a guarantee that the item you immediately need will be available nearby. So, preparation is the key to a fun-filled spontaneous adventure on a campervan.

Motorhome Essentials

Whether you’re driving your own recreational vehicle or booking a campervan rental, you need to make sure that your ride can function well throughout your trip, especially when you’re planning a long journey. You need to make sure that your vehicle has undergone the necessary checks to ensure that it won’t break down in the middle of the road or worse, in an uninhabited area. Make sure as well to stock on extra spare tyres and other vehicle components.

Aside from the technical stuff, you should also consider the campervan features necessary for your daily living. If you’re planning to hire a vehicle, make sure that the tanks for the fresh water and for the waste water are large enough for your long journeys so that you don’t have to be bothered by constantly having to make regular stops. Make sure that the vehicle’s amenities are functioning well, too, to avoid inconveniences later on.

Emergency Supplies and Safety Kits

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios that you might encounter during the trip like personal injuries and vehicle breakdowns. Stock up on your first aid kits all the time regardless of the kind of holidaying you’re engaged in. For your vehicles, make sure you have an emergency kit with the necessary tools and supplies including jacks, crowbars, and cans of petrol as well as a dependable portable light. You might also have to include safety or survival kits especially when you’re journeying through unpopulated places such as forests and deserts.

Toiletries and Other Daily Necessities

You must stock up on your necessities as well before you set out for the road trip so that you can be confident that you have everything, especially when you’re exploring the great Outback where you won’t have the luxury of shopping for what you will immediately need. Besides, it’s going to be cheaper if you shop in your city or town compared to buying things from establishments along motorways or in small villages. No need to worry about storage space because unlike hiking or trekking, your storage is not just limited to your rucksack. You have the entire campervan to accommodate your stuff!

Ready-to-Eat Foods

You won’t be sure when you’ll see the next restaurant. Why do you want to throw away your map in the first place, anyway? But if you’re really determined to a come-what-may adventure, keep in mind that an exciting journey can quickly turn into a disaster if you’re hungry – extremely hungry, that is. So make sure you stock up on food products that you can eat immediately to stave off hunger. These can include dried fruits, biscuits and crisps. You could also stock on canned goods and other staple foods that you can quickly cook.

Preparation is the key to a hassle-free, fun-filled and memorable journey. Even if you’re thinking of a spontaneous holiday, preparing at least for the basic things can make the difference to having a trip that you can cherish.

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