Where Will You Be Staying In China?

You can find a number of choice hotel accommodations in key Chinese cities. Some of these cities include Dezhou, Foshan, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Zhengzhou. Luxury accommodations include deluxe suites and rooms as well as such amenities as swimming, water views, gym facilities, and spa treatments. You can also find a number of memorable properties in Hong Kong.

Staying in a Presidential Suite

One of the select suites where you can stay is a presidential suite. This impressive accommodation features refined furnishings that are exquisitely highlighted in two spacious living areas, a dining room, kitchen, and two large bedrooms, each of which is fitted with a Jacuzzi, shower and bathroom. For additional privacy, the suite is enclosed inside its own private hallway.

Guest Services

Some of the in-room amenities include a full-sized writing desk, hair dryer, in-house movie channels, safety deposit box, speakerphone, and mini-bar. Whether you are travelling for leisure or on business, you just need to determine which Xi An Hotel can fulfil your needs. Hotels offer special guest privileges as well. These privileges include the following:

  • Free shuttle bus service
  • Daily newspaper
  • Free miles for certain airline programmes
  • VIP service
  • Complimentary in-room tea and coffee facilities

Therefore, it does not matter where you go in China; you can be nicely rewarded with deluxe suites and rooms. When travelling in China, both Chinese and English are spoken so you should be able to communicate. Exceptional support and security are offered to travellers at luxury properties.

A Popular Time to See China

If you travel to Xi’an, you will find that this part of China is warm and temperate. It features a continental monsoon type climate. In addition, four distinct seasons are enjoyed by the locals and visitors. Whilst spring is normally windy, warm, and dry, summer is rainy and hot. By the time fall arrives, cooler temperatures have set in. Winter greets people with glacially cold temperatures. If you plan to visit China, spring is normally favoured as a time to go.

What Time Is It?

When you are staying in a hotel, remember to tip. In China, most hotel properties assess a service charge of 15%. Therefore, tipping is voluntary but a nice gesture nonetheless. In China, people follow Beijing standard time, which is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by eight hours. You cannot travel with certain items in China as well. Examples of contraband items include knives or fireworks.

Some of the Chinese holidays that occur during the year include Qing Ming Festival, which falls on 5 April and the Dragon Boat Festival, which takes place on the Lunar Calendar on 5 May. National Day takes place from 1 October until 7 October. The Chinese New Year is scheduled from 1 January to 7 January on the Lunar Calendar each year.

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