Whale Watching In Sydney- Getting Up Close With Nature

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Australia, you should definitely go whale watching in Sydney. The waters surrounding Sydney are full of gorgeous marine animals, including some of the biggest whales that you have ever seen. Australia is famous for its wildlife and natural surroundings. However, while you should definitely consider visiting the Australian Outback, the Australian waters are a treat to explore themselves. Thankfully, you can now get up close with some of the world’s biggest mammals without ever having to worry about danger.

Planning a Tour

Whale watching tours are usually offered by separate companies. Given the sensitive nature of the tour, the company has to ensure that only experienced professionals can plan the trip. Every person on the boat will be experienced and will know a thing or two about dealing with whales. As a result, you’ll be in safe hands throughout the journey. Depending upon the company with which you plan the tour, the location may vary considerably.

When planning the tour, make sure you research about the company. Ideally, you would want to go with an experienced group of people who know their way around the waters. Talk to the tour manager and get an idea of the whole plan. You will also receive an itinerary in your mail about the trip. Also, it will be a great idea to read up on some relevant literature before you travel. Your tour guide will definitely provide lots of details about whale watching. But, it never hurts to read a few things yourself.

About the Boat

Whale watching boats are very different from conventional boats. The boat is reinforced in case the whale decides to tap it playfully. Furthermore, there’s a lower deck installed in order to allow tourists to get up close with these wonders of nature. The viewing decks are created while keeping the tourist in mind. They provide 360 degrees unobstructed views of the surrounding waters, making it very easy for tourists to get a close-up shot. Furthermore, there’s a bit of engineering marvel in the boats too.

Most whale watching boats are fitted with underwater hydrophones. This allows the tourists to listen to the whales singing underwater! The boats are also fitted with tea and coffee facilities, as well as men’s and ladies toilets. The boat is very sturdy, and can hold the weight of a specific number of people per trip.

If you are thinking of going whale watching, there are many options available. Consider comparing the package prices with the number of features that you get. This will help you make a better choice. Most companies now allow you to book a tour online. Some even offer discounts if you make a booking well in advance online. Check out your options and compare the package prices carefully. You can also use a price comparison tool/website in order to get a better idea of the prices.

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