Vacation On The Golden Coast Of California

California is a popular tourist destination for travelers throughout the United States. Santa Cruz is a lesser-known city that holds its own against the more popular locations in California. Here are a few tips to consider for those traveling to Santa Cruz.

Pack for the weather

When people hear of California, they automatically think of warm weather and sunshine. While the southern portion of this state is known for its warmer weather, there are some months that aren’t so warm. During the wintertime, it is easy for the temperature to dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of assuming the weather will be warm, visitors should check the forecast before packing. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a location with not enough clothes to stay warm. Southern cities like Santa Cruz can even get cool at times.

Stay near the beach

Santa Cruz is famous for its white sand beaches and active coast. In fact, this gorgeous coastline is one of the primary reasons that visitors travel to this part of California. When choosing accommodation for a trip, it can be tempting to take a place closer to the city or nightlife areas. While these options may be more convenient from a traveling perspective, they aren’t close enough to the beach. Visitors should stay at hotels near Santa Cruz beach in order to make the most out of their trip. Taking a few day trips to the beach simply isn’t enough. A real vacation to Santa Cruz needs to take place on this marvelous beach.

Apply enough sunscreen

The sun is strong is southern California, especially along the coast. All of the sunlight gets reflected off of the ocean and becomes twice as powerful. While hats and clothes are great protection from the sun, nothing can beat sunscreen. It is important to apply sunscreen a few times per day when outside in Santa Cruz. Even during the winter months, the sun in this area of California is very strong. Travelers are also advised to wear sunglasses with UV protection.

Do some outdoor activities

While Santa Cruz has a modern city with restaurants and bars, the real magic of this city is found outside. Travelers visiting this Californian city have to do some outdoor activities. During the warmer months, tourists can take to the beach to do some surfing, snorkeling and even skiing. There are some great bike paths along the beach as well. For those looking for more adventure, there are hiking paths in the mountains not far from downtown Santa Cruz. These outdoor activities are the best ways to see the true beauty of this city.

Take the whole family

While traveling alone has its perks, Santa Cruz is a city best experienced with the entire family. There are countless activities in which the whole family can participate. Long days at the beach and cool evenings in the city is the perfect recipe for a group vacation. Inviting the entire family on a vacation to Santa Cruz can make it a more memorable and enjoyable vacation. Couples that don’t have children can invite their parents or extended family members.

Santa Cruz is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in California. Famed for its warm weather and beautiful scenery, Santa Cruz is an excellent travel destination at any time of the year. These tips can help make a trip to this wonderful city more enjoyable and easier.

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