Traveling To Algarve-The Most Glamorous Beach Holiday Destination

Algarve, the southernmost part of Portugal with its golden sands, warm sea and balmy Mediterranean weather offers the most glamorous beach holiday. This Southwest tip of Europe is the most popular tourist destination in the whole of Europe and of course, in Portugal.


The mild and pleasant Mediterranean weather of Algarve makes it the sunniest spot in Europe. You would love to indulge yourself in the balmy weather which is a yearlong feature. The most favourable time of the year to visit Algarve is from July to September. The peak season witnesses a great influx of European and Portuguese tourists which contributes towards almost tripling the local population.


Being the most preferred beach destination with warm, clear waters and clean, sunny beaches, tourism plays a major role in supporting the economy of Portugal, making Algarve the third richest region. As a tourist centre, the place offers an overwhelming welcome, secure and safe travel and reasonably affordable stay. Majority of the tourists that visit the popular holiday destination are British, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and a large number of national visitors too, who love to enjoy the laid back beach experience to the fullest. You can combine your beach holiday with a historical tour as Portugal is a country that boasts of a rich culture with almost 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


When you are in Algarve, you have a great choice of making the best of your holiday. From leisurely sun bathing on the sandy stretches, exploring the small coves that are sheltered by towering rocks, breathtaking cliffs, blue, calm and warm waters inviting for long swim and indulging in the thrills of water sports, the choices are galore.


Towns such as Lagos boast of a beaming night life, earning it the title of the carnival queen. During daytime, you can move around the cobbled streets. For hiking trails, there are almost 30 of them from Monchique Mountain to Sagres cape. For a peaceful, historic laid back time by elegant riverside, you can visit Tavira. If you want to be in the centre of all the activity then Faro, the administrative centre is the place to be, which also houses the international airport and the University of Algarve. With some of the best golf courses to its credit, Algarve is also Europe’s Leading Golf Destination.


For enjoying your holiday to the hilt, you can hire a car in Algarve through a car rental service. With limited rail network and traffic congestion on the main entry and exit roads to the city, travelling by bus wastes precious hours. The most convenient and time saving mode of transport in Algarve is car travel. Reasonably priced and easy availability are the two factors that make car rentals so popular among tourists. Algarve boasts a network of roads in considerably good condition that make travelling a breeze. The motorways and highways contribute towards making your journey all the more pleasant.

So, with the freedom of being on your own choose a car rental and make the most of your beach holiday!

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