Places To Visit In Knaresborough

A day in Knaresborough is only a train ride away

Knaresborough is one of the smaller destinations in the UK. With a population of just over 15,000 the city is small enough to be considered somewhat secluded while large enough to draw in tourists and visitors. Knaresborough is located North of Leeds and west of York. The town is known for being a market town since the 1200s.

How to reach Knaresborough

Knaresborough can be reached by rail or by car, though it is advised that you use the rail system for a less hassled day. By road you will need to connect with A59/York Road. You could take Boroughbridge Road to do this or A658. The rail system allows for you to travel directly to Knaresborough from Leeds for £9 depending on the class and rail line. Even if you are in London traveling to Knaresborough is not expensive with fare around £100. If you have a rail card or if you are a senior citizen or disabled you may be entitled to a discount at the station of departure. Check with the station to see the availability and the pricing for a train ticket.

Round Walk

TheKnaresborough Round, or the Round walk is a long route for hikers and walkers in the Knaresborough area. The trails span over 33km. It is considered a hard trail based upon the distance. The estimated total hike will take you about 6 to 7 hours. Of course, you will not have to stay on the trail for the whole time as there are several stops which you can take along the way including refreshments at Goldsborough. Because of the length of the walking trail, it is strongly advised that only those which have experience in such long distances attempt to walk the full trail. There are several spots in which the inexperience hiker can walk a segment of the trail. For more information on the Knaresborough Round please visit the Knaresborough website and contact the city directly.

Knaresborough Castle and Museum

Knaresborough Castle and Museum offers both the historical experience of touring a stronghold as well as the tranquil experience of the gardens. The castle and the city have a very rough history and no one can really pinpoint a date on the construction of the castle. However, it has been estimated that the building was constructed around 1130 though the first mention of the city with the castle is not documented until around 1215.  Regardless of its date of construction, the castle still has a formable presence on the Nibb River. During times when the Castle is non-accessible to the public, the gardens are open (generally) for touring. The gardens span over a large section of the Nibb River. Boating is available in some areas around the castle and adds to the unique family experience.

Admission fees to the Castle and Museum are relatively low compared to other attractions in the area with fees around £3 to £5 per person.

Mother Shipton’s Cave and Petrifying Well

You can do a bit of spelunking when you visit Mother Shipton’s Cave and petrifying well. The site is one of England’s oldest wells and has been open since the 1600s. The site is named after Mother Shipton who was born in 1488 during the reign of Henry the VIII. The legend is that the woman was raised in the caves around the well and that the well has the power to turn everyday items into stone as well as predict the future. Her deformities played to the legend, though in truth no one knows if the woman ever existed apart from legend. It was shown that there is a well which has the ability to petrify items. Due to the rock and the water content regular items DO become stone. From Teddy bears to bicycles, the petrifying well has been an attraction for centuries. This is considered a pagan site as Mother Shipton was by many people considered a witch. However, if you just want to see an interesting well unlike any other well in England it makes for an interesting and unique spot to visit while in Knaresborough.

As you can see there are various attractions in Knaresborough. From the nature walk to museums there is something for everyone. Other attractions in the area include tours of the Nibb river, various cathedrals, the Knaresborough zoo, several parks and gardens, and of course shopping. Those which are more sports oriented will be pleased to know that Knaresbourgh offers league sports for the Yorkshire area. As most attractions offer seasonal events and railway prices change according to special peak seasons it is advised that you check with the rail station prior to planning your trip to Knaresborough. Rail card holders and seniors should also check with the local area to see if special discounts are available for certain attractions.

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