Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Banyak Islands

Haven’t you ever had a dream of having a tropical island all to yourself and your loved one where you can dive, surf and chill till you drop? Well, your dream can come true if you plan a trip to Banyak Islands today! White sandy beaches, the palm trees and clear waters surrounding these almost uninhabited islands of Sumatra could be the holiday of a lifetime. The Banyak Islands is a series of more than 99 islands that is located about 30 kilometres West from Singkil.

Apart from Surf Banyak, it is also a famous spot for people who have a knack for sport fishing and deep sea diving. The name Banyak means many and this is the perfect example when one is on the hunt for colourful coral reefs and picturesque beaches.

A few things to keep in mind before you head to this tropical paradise

There is not even a single ATM in any of the Banyak Islands so it is best that you withdraw enough money from Singkil or at the airport.

Among the islands, the one that will have a few shops for basic necessities like sunscreen and bottled water is Balai. It will be the first island that a chartered boat will take you to before dropping you off to any of the islands you fancy. So if you are running low on sunscreen lotion, be sure to stock up at Balai.

All except Tailana Island is home to both mosquitoes and sand flies. Be sure to pack a lot of bug repellent if you plan on camping in any of these islands.

All except Balai and Pulau Tuangku are inhabited which means if you plan on having an island all to yourself, you need to strike these off of your list.

Overall weather and the best time to visit the place

The Banyak Islands is known for its tropical climate which means that the temperature at the islands will be hovering at 30 degrees Celsius and the waters will be relatively warm as well – making it just the perfect conditions for a dip every now and then.

It is best to visit the islands in the months from February to July. This is the time where the heat will be bearable and there will be plenty of wind as well – good news for surfers.

Activities available at Banyak Islands

Snorkel Diving

The Banyak Islands is home to several colourful coral reefs making them the perfect hotspot for marine life. It is one of the many reasons why snorkelling is the most popular activities in this region. On top of that, deep sea diving is also another preferred pastime here. Since the waters are clear, underwater visibility is remarkable! The best islands among the lot to go for diving and snorkelling are Pulau Pabisi and Pulau Asok.


The Banyak Islands is one of the most popular destinations for surfers who flock into the islands to catch magnificent waves. Both Pulau Bangkaru and Pulau Tuangku are known for their exceptional surf spots.

Banyak Islands is a tropical paradise that is mostly preferred by tourists who are avid surfers. The best place to catch a wave or more is Ujung Lolok, the southern tip of Pulau Tuangku. Apart from surfing, people also prefer this spot to live aboard fishing boats and chartered surfing boats for an experience of a lifetime. If you have been to this place, feel free to share your personal views in the comments section below.

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