Farm Fresh Love’n- Worth Travelling Too

Meet Kris Vester, a local farmer who knows how to love his chickens!  If you’re travelling to Canmore and want the freshest eggs on the market, go visit Kriss at Blue Mountain Farms. After, cook up an omelet feast, and stay at one of the many accommodations Canmore Ab.

JM: “So Kris, describe yourself in one sentence, so all the readers know the man behind the rake?”

KV: “I’m a self-described philosopher, activist, peasant farmer, artist and visionary”.

JM: “Interesting. Are you happy Kris?”

KV: “Yup. I’m a peasant farmer by choice. Living on a small farm, living from the land, and loving every moment. Sure it’s hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

JM: “Tell us about your role in Slow Food Calgary?”

KV: “Well first let’s talk a little about Slow Food. It’s a non profit which supports local agriculture and organic living. It’s an ironic way of saying no fast food. It also means to live an unhurried life, which begins at the table. I am the president of this awesome organization!”

JM: “What is your main responsibility for slow food?”

KV: “We participate in the creation of a sustainable food system. We also connect producers, chefs, suppliers and consumers with sustainable agricultural products”.

JM: “Why do they use a snail symbol?”

KV: “The snail was chosen because that is what snails do. They move very slowly and calmly eat their way through life. Slow Food originated in northern Italy, and snails are a culinary specialty in the area of Bra. So there is a lot of meaning behind that little symbol”.

JM: “Tell us about your farm, Blue Mountain Farm. I hear it’s a family run business….”

KV: “Yes it is! Blue Mountain Farm was established many years ago. It’s actually where I grew up as a kid….right there! Our farm has 160 acres of vibrant polyculture. We grown grains, veggies, and also have hen houses. We have the best eggs in town. The yoke is so yellow, because we know how to treat our chickens. Love your chickens and they’ll love you back…with out of this world eggs! Our other animals also feast on organic feed made on our farm.”

JM: “Awesome. I love hearing you treat your animals with respect. Who else lives on the farm?”

KV: “My wife Tamara, and my son Niko. My parents, Erika and Henry also do too.  Oh, and I musn’t forget our 55 pigs, 23 turkeys, and 14 cows!” 

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