Attractions To Experience In USA

Travelers looking for the best attractions to experience in USA are likely a little put off by the idea of having to go through the ESTA Visa process. The ESTA is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which allows the government to pre-screen travelers before they board an airplane or ship coming to the United States. Jumping through these hoops can make it seem like it isn’t worth the experience. However, there is plenty to see within the United States.

Overall Experience

Attractions to experience in USA can include anything from the major cities, like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, or Las Vegas. But that isn’t all there is to offer. No, we also have massive forests, hiking trails ranging from the tens of miles to the thousands, the most brilliant of beaches and massive theme parks to enjoy your day at.

Sprawling City

New York City is the cultural hub of the US; just about every tourist coming to the country visits this major city and remembers the experience vividly. From sweeping expanses of skyscrapers to Time Square, national museums and Grand Central Station, there is something here to interest every type of person. You may just find that your camera is filling up with all the photographs you’ve taken within the last few hours.

Wild Wilderness

If you enjoy getting off the beaten path and have a few months, or even just a few days, to spend hiking in the woods. The East Coast’s Appalachian Trail is a sprawling mountainous vista, featuring over 2000 miles of hiking over rough terrain and plains alike. Ranging from Georgia to Maine, there really is nothing like the Appalachian Trail anywhere else. Wildlife roams free, from bears and foxes, to a herd of wild horses in Virginia. The experience speaks to many in one way or another. In the end, you will have stories to tell.

Traditional Experience

Some tourists are looking for a more traditional experience. They want to see the major theme parks and resorts, the beaches and the iconic heritage sites. Places like Miami Beach tend to accumulate thousands of tourists each year. The white sandy beaches and the sweeping blue oceans rush in towards beach-goers. Yosemite National Park is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes around. With geysers shooting hundreds of feet into the air, and colored pools surrounding the rocky outcroppings.

Theme Parks

Who can forget the theme parks in just about every state? The most famous include Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Both feature iconic games and rides from a childhood gone by. You don’t have to be young to enjoy the numerous experiences on offer at either of these parks, however. A sense of fun is always welcome.

There are so many attractions and you should carry things while traveling to USA; it will blow your mind. You won’t even worry about gaining your ESTA visa. Not only will you have the time of your life; you’ll have the stories and photographs to share with friends and family once you reach home. No matter what type of a traveler you are, there is always something here within the country that will catch your attention and enrapture you. Don’t let the ESTA visa stand in your way.

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