Why Travelling In A Group Can Be Great Fun!

Most people have been away with friends, partners and family, and there are those out there who have even travelled solo. But not that many have travelled in a group before, so let’s take a look at the advantages of going on a group tour in Australia.  

Costs and Safety

Travelling with a group will definitely save you some money! Being part of a group will get you the best prices for hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Going on a holiday by yourself can cost you sometimes up to more than a few hundred dollars each than booking a group holiday and tour. That is a large chunk of Aussie dollar$$$$$! Think what more you can do and purchase with that extra dollar weight in your pocket! The safety factor is another very important part of making that holiday work out just fine whilst travelling. When you are with a group, you will be with many other tour guests and have a professionally trained guide and driver to help and assist you in an emergency. Regarding tourist lodgings In Australia in NSW, there are some excellent places for groups to stay such as Hunter Valley accommodation for groups, providing the very best out there.

You will not be alone. Should an emergency happen, the guides and drivers will do everything possible to help sort out your situation. Don’t take any chances of being by yourself in an emergency while you are travelling. It’s better to have the safety and security which comes with being in a group.

When deciding to travel across Australia with your friends, then you must go for camping. As camping is one of the several great Australian traditions. Australia is somewhat popular among others for its top camping sites. It is one of those outdoor activity which not only able people to explore the environment but also puts some emotional, physical, social and Intellectual benefits on them.

Always remember, when you are going to camping alone or with your friend, keep the best and useful camping accessories with yourself for your safety and security. Awning tents, first aid kits, LED camping lights, cooking gears play a significant role to make your trip memorable. It really helps enjoying a wonderful time with your friends.


There are not many better ways to visit some of the most historic sites and go on excellent wine tours than by travelling with a group. All tour guides will have plenty of experience handling itineraries and understanding destinations. You can be sure to visit all the major sights, as well as a few hidden gems along the way and a wine tour tacked on to that for good measure. Nothing could be more fun than having a good old fashioned look around, all without any stress at all of driving or having to organise this and that. At most destinations, there are experienced, local, and knowledgeable guides or drivers who will give you important history, facts, and memorable stories about each city, location, or national park. Hunter Valley accommodation for groups can also easily organise all kinds of group tourist events and things to do. Your family, grandchildren, and friends are guaranteed to be impressed with what you learned when you get back from your adventure!


Doubtlessly one of the best things about travelling with a group is the lifelong friendships you will create along the way. Travelling as part of a group creates an immediate bond, simply because of the experiences and memories you’ll share together. More often than not, most people will return home with a new network of friends that they can keep in touch with and travel with again. With the advent of the internet, that’s much easier than in the past.  So, do yourself a favour and go and experience a group tour and meet lifelong friends along the way!  You just don’t get this when travelling by yourself! Enjoy!

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