The Inner Workings Of A Modern Motorhome

A few decades ago, the typical caravan would contain some bedding and a place to sit, which at the time, was considered an acceptable way to have a holiday on the move. Fast forward to today, and you have a generation of motorhomes that are fully equipped with every luxury you could imagine, and a few more besides.

Fiat Ducato

Of all the models that can be used for a motorhome, the Fiat Ducato is the best option, with a customised Italian manufacture that is built to precise specifications, making it ideal for the Australian climate. The 2.4 litre diesel engine delivers more than enough horsepower, and with automatic transmission, driving long distances is a breeze. The fuel tank has a capacity of 90 litres, which is essential if you are planning a trip to a remote location, and with an interior height of 1.9 metres, you can stand comfortably.

Ideal Family Vehicle

The Ducato can sleep 4 adults and two children, which makes it an ideal vehicle for a regular family, and there’s space if you wish to invite a friend along. The overhead bed folds away and makes the best use of available space, and everything folds away neatly, giving you ample space for sitting and social activities like watching movies or playing cards. If, for example, you are planning to tour New South Wales, there is affordable campervan rental in Sydney, and a simple online search should direct you to an established company.

Power Options

The one thing a motorhome does need is a reliable power source and because you could be in many different environments, the vehicle has alternatives to the dual battery system that normally powers the vehicle. You can easily hook up to a mains supply, which all campsites would provide, and there is even a solar panel on the roof that charges the batteries.

Essential Appliances

The campervan would be complete with a large fridge, and there would be shower and toilet facilities, along with a fully functional kitchen, which makes for the perfect setting for some serious sightseeing. Whether you are looking for campervan rental in Sydney or Brisbane, there are online solutions where your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport.

Climate Control

As you would expect in a vehicle of this type, a/c and heating are standard, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature wherever you are. With a cool interior, you will want to spend many hours relaxing, and with a retractable awning, you can easily create an outdoor dining area for picnics and late suppers.


Modern motorhome would have the following included in the price:

  • Cutlery and Tableware
  • Bath Towels and Bedding
  • Window Blinds & Fly Screens
  • Kitchen Utensils & Pots and Pans
  • Comprehensive Insurance

There would be other accessories available at a reasonable cost, such as a bike rack or fold up bicycles, and with everything you could possibly need on board, you are set for the holiday of a lifetime.

The benefits of holidaying in a motorhome are many, and if you have yet to experience this type of holiday, next year would be a good time to start.

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