Surviving in the Urban Bush

1295536158-ubw_southern_diaries_ayano_hisa1You moved Down Under. Beautiful places to see, great things to to, new opportunities to be made. However, there are a few things you should know before stepping out of that air conditioned comfy new place of yours into the hot sunbathed streets of the Australian cities. This here is a quick survival guide through the urban bush and billabongs.

Take advantage of Google Maps

Have you ever thought that those free city maps they hand out in  tourist bureaus are not detailed enough, or simply too cramped with half a dozen symbols per a square inch? When you move to a new urban environment from a city you’ve spent the best of your life in, knowing which way is the supermarket and which way is zoo may make a difference in a food chain. Make a good start by navigating using these interactive maps, zooming in on the hotspots and placing markers as you go.

 Walk on the left side

If you come from a right-road country, this one may come difficult to get used to. Unaware tourists bumping into the locals when trying to walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk is a common show in the major cities like Sydney. Not to mention dangers of accidentally trying to drive in the right lane. Just remember that you left for Australia, and you mean left.

Use public transport

When asked, Sydneyites will tell you that public transport in their city is unorganized and costly. If you are used to 15 minutes drive to work when the bus covers the same distance in an hour or so, here are the good news. The one way train ticket into the city costs $3.40 and it takes only 15 minutes for a ride. The trains are clean and there is enough space for everyone. Say goodbye to the squishy and sweaty bus rides.

Learn to drive Australian way

 Although Australia is as large as the contiguous United States, i has the population of 22.5 million. Road system is not as developed and the public transport doesn’t reach into every corner of this beautiful land, especially outside the coast. The distances between populated places can be staggering, and if you plan on staying, driving licence is a must. If you already have one, it always helps to take a few classes and subsequently a safer driving course which will help you get used to left side steering wheel and  reversed instrument panel.

 Moving to the other side of the world can be stresful. At times, you think that everything is different and unfamiliar. You doubt that you’ll ever get to call the new place your home. From time to time, try and visualize what was the purpose of coming Down Under. Make the list of good sides and bad sides, and you bet that the list of pros will grow longer by each day. Take your time to try local food, local drinks. Mingle with local people, explore places and try to invent a new self.

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