Taking A Road Trip Through Quebec, Canada

Do you need a little time away from your stressful life? Perhaps it is time to take a family vacation? By taking a vacation with your family, you’ll be able to reap the benefits. For instance, you’ll be able to eliminate your stress, while bonding with your significant other and children. This is a splendid idea that could be the rest needed to get back to a stable mindset. Of course, you’ll need to choose a destination. While there are many road trip destinations throughout the country of Canada, there has never been a better place than Quebec. By visiting Quebec, you’ll be able to enjoy a total of three road trips through the region’s eastern coast. This guide will discuss the possible locations for your road trip East Coast.

The Wine Route

The Wine Route is a stretch of road, which expands approximately one hundred and sixty kilometers, that is home to twenty-one individual vineyards. These wineries are responsible for an estimated half of Quebec’s local wine production. While the road its offers beautiful scenery and stunning landscapes, the vineyards provide you and your family with an abundance of things to do. For instance, it is possible to become a winemaker for a day. This will allow you to harvest the grapes and crush them. This means that you’ll become part of the process of producing the wine. If you don’t want to do the driving yourself, you can always take a guided bus tour.

Townships Trail

If you’re interested in giving your family a more historical road trip, you should consider the Townships Trail. This road, which extends over four hundred kilometers, will give your family a history lesson on Quebec. Besides from the stunning landscapes and stellar panoramic views, you’ll also want to consider visiting the Ulverton Woolen Mill. By visiting the region’s Bury armory, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the country’s military. The Waterloo Railway Museum is a perfect opportunity to learn about the country’s oldest form of transportation, the railway. Be sure to take a break from time to time to mingle with the residents of Quebec and learn more about the region’s culture.

The Summit Drive

While many people prefer the two road trip destinations above, Summit Drive is considered the best of the bunch. Many people believe this specific drive offers more to the viewer including two national parks. If you’re interested in stretching your legs a little, you’ll be able to do so by stopping at one of the many hiking trails located along the trail. Don’t forget about the amazing astro-lab. By visiting this establishment, you’ll be able to view the stars. By trekking the entire one hundred and fifty yards, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some outdoor fun including hiking and cycling. Do not forget about Summit Day. This festive day is usually held on the twentieth of September. Be sure to book your vacation around this specific day to enjoy the day’s fun and exciting events.

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