Northern Vietnam 8 Days Tour

This 8-day tour of North Vietnam will let you explore and discover some of the most extraordinarily picturesque parts of North Vietnam.

Beginning from Hanoi and travelling North through mountains around Sapa, you will really enjoy the seclusion in this town situated on the northern hills. The Northern Vietnam 8-day tour ends with the journey back to Hanoi.

Upon arrival at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, travelers can enjoy the good things Hanoi has to offer. There is also Ethnology museum, History museum and the water puppet dance.

In Hanoi, you can visit the Ngoc Son Temple, the Ethnology Museum, The History, serene West Lake and lovers street – Thanh Nien, Quan Thanh Temple and Tran Quoc Pagoda. There are several restaurants where you can sample unique cuisines and local rice wine brew of your choice, while enjoying the beloved water puppet shows performing traditional shows, before retiring or the night.

Ha Long Bay offers travelers with the much-needed tranquility. Located East of Hanoi and reachable by road and sea, travelers to this UNESCO world heritage site treated to towering limestone island, most have which have caves. They can enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing and other water sports. The bay has a huge coral reef colony propagating the endangered species. Further, you can watch the swamp and mangrove forest complete with the marine life they protect.

Cat Cat Village, just a few kilometers from Sap also offer attractive vacation sites. You can sample the traditions of the local Red Dao and Hmong tribes by taking the Red Dao herbal bath, enjoying their traditional spicy food cooked with firewood. Your day can be better utilized by watching the live traditional dance performances. The sceneries around the village offer many streams waterfalls and valleys to visit, the most spectacular being the Silver waterfall. A visit to the local market ensure you get a hand-made embroidered souvenirs as gifts to your buddy home.


Lao Cai is just ahead of Sapa. It is a major transport junction for traders and visitors crossing into and out of China. Straddled between two rivers, (Red River) Song Hong and Nanxi River, it offers wonderful cruise routes for those who want to explore the tropical forests through river travel. Birds and small animals can be noticed along the way. There is also the Bac Ha Market (opens only on Sundays) to visit. Here you get all the oriental clothing and artifacts to carry home. Other attractions are the Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological Park where you can eat and just relax. There are numerous picnic sites where you can relax while eating packed meals and drinks.  The border crossing itself offer good scene with travelers nd goods being shuttled from one end to the other. The town is modern with new buildings and electric taxis plying around. The feeling is different upon taking an overnight train ride to Hanoi.

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