Luxury Dining In The Heart Of San Francisco

The White City by the Bay has long been known for its location, its atmosphere and for its fine dining. Many famous chefs such as Charles Finance, former Chef de Cuisine at the Sheraton, have practiced this art in this city and there are many historic restaurants that, like so many in Europe, seem to live on forever.

The catch is one of these. Located in the famous (or if you prefer, infamous) Castro district, Catch has been designated a Historic City Landmark. Where else will you find beer-battered beignets? A great place for lunch where you can enjoy exotic pizza choices, as well as hearty sandwiches, sautéed mussels and delicious fish tacos.

Quince offers caviar with champagne as well as dishes such as spring lamb, among other dishes all served at a prix fixe.

Keeping in touch with environmental and health concerns, most San Francisco restaurants today offer free range chicken, unsullied from the use of antibiotics; gluten free menus are readily available.

Here, they truly have something for everyone. Although San Francisco can get pretty damp and chilly, outdoor dining continues to abound for all those warmer sunny days when it’s so great to dine in the fresh air.

In San Francisco, you can watch a movie while you dine on luxuriously prepared seafood as well as exotic international dishes (Foreign Cinema).

For those of us with simpler, more traditional tastes, San Francisco offers a variety of locales where you may dine on a delicious thick juicy cut of prime rib served in the traditional way.

With a storied name like Zola, so in this establishment, you know you’re going for the best. Short Rib Bourguignon is my choice for a trencherman, but there is more, so much more.

In recent years sushi has made a major inroad into American Cuisine. San Francisco’s Blowfish Sushi offers an interesting upscale venue to experience an array of delicious offerings, each with a catchy name that you’ll remember long after your visit. Oyster lovers, come on down. At Blowfish Sushi, oysters abound and are served as you like them.

Today, the city’s cooking trend is toward lighter, more health-oriented dishes, while preserving the traditions of fine dining. With so many choices of luxury dining in San Francisco, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Frequently you may find it difficult to get reservations, so the best bet for a visitor would be to line up a list of choices and begin at the top. If you cannot get a reservation, move on down until you find a slot that’s open. Whatever your choice, and wherever you go, San Francisco offers some of the finest and most luxurious dining in our fair country. If New York is our Paris, then let San Francisco be our Lyons! Bon appétit!

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