Lapland – The Ultimate Winter Destination For Couples

Do you wish to live your teenage fantasies in attractive fairytale surroundings? Ever wondered how incredible it feels to be pulled on a wood sled driven by energetic reindeers or cute huskies? A quick trip to Santa’s land will endow you with thrilling winter activities and greatest snow safaris. The concept of adventure honeymoons may see lively and dangerous but it’s unique and romantic in its own way. If you’re fed up with islands, beaches and holiday resorts, pack your bags and seek refuge in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland.
About Lapland

The ancient culture of Lapland is an amalgam of the east, west, north and south. This least-populated state is situated close to the Arctic Circle and stays frozen all throughout the year. It is primarily dominated by agricultural, fishing, tourism and toy-making industries.

Chief Attractions

Lapland lets you indulge in extreme cuddling. This is where you get to witness the grandeur of glass-dome igloos and snow-clad peaks. The state provides you plenty of winter sports and outdoor activities. Downhill skiing, skating and ice fishing are in order; dog sledding and snowmobiling are as well. For those who wish to break from the hustle-bustle of fast metropolises, can simply sit by the fireside and look at the stunning Northern Lights. If you’re planning to go on a family holiday, don’t forget to visit Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi, the capital city of Lapland.

Top 5 Tourist Hotspots

Santa Clause Village

Lapland is the official home of Father Christmas. The exquisite haven of Santa, little elves and reindeers lies on the Arctic Circle, approximately 8km towards the north of Rovaniemi. It’ll take you barely 30 minutes to reach here if via local buses. The village is a blissful haven for kids because they’re welcomed by the staff with plenty of gifts and Christmas items.

Lainio Snow Village

Nestled in the white land, around 200kms above the Arctic Circle is the Lainio Snow Village where you can cherish an authentic Lappish experience. This village features beautiful ice figurines, stylish bars, cosy restaurants and recreational centres. The entire village is made of ice and snow.

Levin Lapin Kyla

It’s a traditional farm that encourages the visitor to dig into the enchanting Finnish culture. The visitors are greeted with comfy beds, scrumptious cuisines, reindeer rides and smoke saunas.

Ski Resorts in Yllas

Yllas is the perfect destination for ski enthusiasts. This popular ski destination covers the ancient village of Yllasjarvi and Akaslompolo. Tourists, who’re looking forward to dramatic sports in alpine surroundings won’t be disappointed. The place offers plenty of off-piste slopes, flat lands and smooth trails for skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey.


Articum is a leading cultural spot of Rovaniemi. It’s situated on the banks of River Ounasjoki. This museum illustrates the glorious history of Finnish people. You can take a look at the artefacts to learn more about the lifestyle, traditions, rituals and folklore of Lapland natives. If you seem fascinated by their history, check out SIIDA, which is yet another museum based on Sami culture.

After a long day of tiring winter adventures, when you crave for city nightlife, remember to stop by Kemi, Tornio and Kemijarvi. They accommodate some of the best pubs and clubs of Finland.

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