Value hotel In London

The capital of England is one of the most visited European destinations for Spanish tourists whenever it decides to take a trip outside their borders, and as every summer, a perfect place both for its mild climate and its great cultural and leisure for a short holiday.

It can be said that London has everything to enjoy one hundred percent of a holiday season an international destination: museums, culture, music, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, another culture, traditions and the possibility, why not, to practice the first language of the world.

Although one of the most comprehensive in the world, however, their prices are far from cheap, but there are many possibilities for the young traveler who becomes a journey set to a budget limit.

Here we recommend a series of tips to make your choice of accommodation in London is as accurate and economical manner and your holiday in `The City ‘a success.

How to find affordable hotels in “the City”

The most important is certainly consult your trusted travel agency investigate or pages that collect the opinions of other travelers and guests to get an idea of ​​the level of hotel services for the city and its price.

One of the most basic advice is that you should never hire a London hotel with half board or full board because London has plenty of places to eat and good price will be much of the time outside the hotel, so profitable you will not spend any more time than is necessary in your room.

Also, the food of the hotels in the English capital is usually generally quite undesirable.

We will have to check the situation of the hotel before you book, as many hotels in the capital that are advertised as downtown, often far removed from areas of central London, so it is advisable to inform yourself about do not take surprises with the hotel’s location.

The plus point is that if you find a hotel at a good price out of the downtown area may offset due to good network of public transport available to London, with subway and buses, but also have to consult weekly transport prices .

A very important thing to consider is that it is a mistake to rely on the number of stars, as equivalent to 4 stars in London for most of the hotels in Spain is 2 and in addition there is also less star hotels the capital that are much better and with better service than those who advertise with 4 stars, so it is best to consult the opinions of guests who have suido traveler pages.

Some cheap hotels London

While you should consult a good range of centrally located hotels and shuffle or not what is affordable considering other issues such as transport, and the expense of moving the airport to the city, we’ll recommend some cheap London hotels if you want to throw them out for your next holiday.

Some recommend you consult are the Queensgate Hotel, relatively close to the downtown area and a very good service for customers, with very clean rooms, perfect for families. And in the Regent Park is the Blandford Hotel is a 3 star, centrally located, comfortable and clean.

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