Travel and pocket care: Ten tips for buying cheap flights

Using intelligence and being flexible on dates and itinerary you can reach your favorite destinations without spending large sums of money. There are several ways to buy cheap plane tickets or even for extra money for use in future purchases of our air tickets.

Some tips that will allow you to significantly reduce your travel budget:

1. Choose travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays
These are good days to travel, as it is cheaper than flying on a weekend or Monday, which have more demand. Statistically Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly.

The flights on Saturday and Monday mornings are the most popular and therefore are more expensive. On the other hand we must bear in mind that weekday flights are cheaper than weekends or holidays.

2. Buy tickets in advance
Travelers experts recommend buying tickets six months before and get good prices. The values ​​usually fall between eight and two weeks before departure in season.

According to travel agents, advance purchase works great if the journey is internal, but international flight prices are governed by the season.

To travel in high demand dates such as weekends, holidays or the day of departure or return from holiday, the strategy to find the best price is to book well in advance.

3. Travelling in the morning or at midnight
Night flights, or those who are very early and those with at least one scale tend to have discounts. Less daily schedules we also can provide good deals.

4. Investigate what the low-cost airlines
If you’re lucky there may be several low cost airline within the area where you want to fly.

They are much cheaper than the big companies, but often fly to secondary airports.

You can find the list of all the cheap airlines (lowcost) in the world by country of origin here.

5. Be flexible with multi-destination routing and search
Create your own route. It is very useful that travelers seek flights to various airports not so famous, that are located near large cities.

6. Forget Travel Agencies
Go to airlines, visit their website, or simply call the phone.

Many times, booking directly with the airline, find the cheapest rates and save service payments from the agencies.

Another option is to deal directly with a mayorsita who buy the tickets in bulk and sell them at a discount to help the airline to fill the capacity of the aircraft.

7. Buy the tickets in the evenings or nights
It is best to purchase tickets in the afternoon than in the morning, as airlines assume that business travelers are booking more usually your ticket early from their offices or jobs.

Just after midnight is the time when many airlines put the new rates into the reservation system.

8. Harnessing Internet search engines
With a little research on line you can find deals on tickets. You can find the best price on great airfares seekers recomomiendan you what time it is better to buy the ticket, according to a mathematical algorithm.

9. Subscribe for offers from companies
Sign up for mailing lists and companies to keep you informed of all deals. You can also find offers tourism advertising in different media.

10. Ask and ask for discounts
Once you have done your research, consult a travel agent to see if you can get a cheaper fare. Ask about discounts for students, seniors and military.

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