Tips to Take Working Holiday Visa

As things stand in Spain’s best to go looking for alternative work and why not, consider starting work in a foreign country. Here we offer a choice in which to travel and work-tale landscapes are not at odds and even complement each other. Want to know how? Here’s what we have:

To start talking about the Working Holiday Visa to travel in New Zealand, a country where nature blends with the great city creating extraordinary places and landscapes. This visa option is valid for one year from the time you hit the country. With the WHV can work for six months and enjoy all that the country offers the other six months since the wages to which you can opt for this type of visas given to pay the expenses that we have during these months and save some trips to both islands kiwis.

Among other requirements, there is an age limit between 18 and 30 years for the Spanish to decide to start this adventure at 20,000 miles. On the other hand, is required and travel insurance compulsory or at least money that we declare our arrival in New Zealand.

The application for this type of visa is held annually through the immigration website of the Government of New Zealand. To do this we give us high into the system a few days before and save the password to the moment you open the run. The only but this type of visa is issued to Spain only year a total of 200 visas, very few compared to countries like Italy.

But if we can fill in the application form the first (the seats sell out in minutes) and got a place must be assured that it will be a wonderful year full of adventures and anecdotes. Do you dare?

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