The Best Place For A Golf Getaway

Golf isn’t just simply hitting a ball with a club to get the ball into a hole. It’s a way of life – an experience that enchants you with beautiful, breathtaking courses, the camaraderie of playing a competitive game with friends, and dedication and discipline it takes to be successful. Players that understand this live and breathe the sport, following every tournament and their favorite players in between perfecting their technique and beating their best score. It’s no surprise then that an estimated 61 million of the world’s population has a special place in their heart for the game.

One of the key experiences of playing your favorite game, of course, is a golf getaway. It’s the ideal vacation, with luxurious hotel accommodations, multiple rounds, delectable dinners, and friends. Quite simply, taking a vacation to play golf means you get to relax with good food, good golf, and good company. Many take advantage of these trips, travelling around the globe to world-class golf resorts in Scotland, Ireland, and even the United States.

A Love of the Sport

One of these top locations is Thailand. The game has been popular there since 1923, when King Vajiravudh the Great succumbed to the seductive game, building the kingdom’s first course. Since then, around two hundred courses have been built. The number is expected to rise to an astounding 250 by 2016. In fact, world-class international golf tournaments have turned the heads of many famous players, including Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, and Colin Montgomerie, just to name a few.

Golf in Thailand is an exhilarating way to spend your next relaxing holiday. However, with so many amazing courses to choose from, how do you find the best one that’s right for you? The top golf clubs in Thailand stand apart from the rest because they don’t just feature Thailand’s world-class courses. They also feature top-of-the-line five-star service as well: High-quality accommodations, luxurious changing rooms, pubs and restaurants with delicious, savory cuisines and drinks, and pristine practice ranges and bunkers. You live and breathe the sport, and you’re one of the best – so they provide you with the service and facilities you deserve.

A World-Class Unique Experience

You’re not travelling all the way to Thailand to play multiple rounds on just any course! Look for one that has been designed by one of the country’s top leading course architects, and one that has a signature hole. You can be sure that every hole you’ll encounter a new challenge. These top courses will challenge you a different way each time. Do they use distance and the terrain to present a difficulty? Do they use the course’s elements, such as wind, against you too?

A golf getaway in Thailand is the ultimate experience, full of breathtaking, panoramic views and world-class courses. It’s an enchanting experience you’ll always remember, not just because of the people you’re with. You’ll look back and smile because of the beautiful location and the course, too!

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