Saving Money On Vacations During School Holidays

Planning family holidays can be tricky. Consumers have to find breaks that will please everyone, and there are often complications regarding timing. For example, when school-aged children are involved, it can be difficult for families to find affordable itineraries.

Because of the spike in demand during these periods, travel firms tend to increase their prices, in some cases by a considerable amount. This can place people’s vacation budgets under real strain. In some cases, families give up their plans to travel altogether because they simply cannot afford to stump up the large sums of money required to take trips overseas.

However, there is an alternative approach to holiday booking. Rather than automatically searching for vacations abroad, consumers can check out their options right here in the UK. There is plenty to see and do within Britain, and these trips can be far cheaper.

For example, people can take a look at holiday parks in Wales. It is simple to travel to this part of Britain and, once holidaymakers arrive, there is a lot for them to see and do. Meanwhile, holiday homes in Wales make a superb base for multi-generational vacations.

Indeed, demand for so-called staycations, whereby people take their breaks from home within Britain rather than abroad, may be on the rise. In September, education secretary Michael Gove announced that he had removed headteachers’ right to give parents ten days of discretionary leave for their children. The politician claimed that some parents had come to view the period as an entitlement.

Parents of kids aged four and above received letters explaining that from now on, any unauthorised absence will be met with a fine of up to £60 unless ‘exceptional circumstances’ could be proved.

One mum who has been affected by the change is Louise Davies. Speaking to the South Wales Evening Post, she stated: “As a parent of a large family, there are some occasions when you have to make a decision to take the children out of school for a holiday. I wish it wasn’t the case. But the difference in price between school term time and school holiday time is staggering.

“Family holidays are important to a child’s growth and it could be argued that they form a key part of a child’s development as well as their academic progress. I think this latest ruling amounts to a nanny state, that many parents will be opposed to. It is also worrying that these policies can be adopted without any consultation with the families involved.”

Parents may not be able be able to change government policy on this issue, but there are other things they can do. For example, by investing in holiday homes in Wales, they can rest assured that they will be able to take affordable family vacations during school holidays. They will not be competing with millions of other families for flights and hotels.

Via the web, consumers can take a look at the impressive selection of caravans for sale Wales. There should be something that ticks all of their boxes.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who writes for a variety of travel-related websites, including the New Pines Holiday Home Park.

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