Reasons To Hire A Campervan In Melbourne

Here in Australia, campervan hire companies have seen a steady increase in the number of their vehicles being hired. Additionally, they are being used for a longer period of time. Hiring a campervan is on the bucket list for many Australians because of the beauty and the diversity of our country. Some of the top reasons why you should hire a campervan are:

See the Country in a Whole New Way

Taking a plane to another destination hardly allows you to explore the terrain and riding in a cramped vehicle is uncomfortable. By hiring a campervan in Melbourne, you will be able to stretch out and enjoy amenities such as “kitchen sinks” and “on the go” bathrooms as you explore the different cities and environments of our beautiful continent.

No Luggage Limitations

Trains, planes, and automobiles all have strict baggage limitations, which often force travellers to travel with only one bag (or else pay a hefty fee to take additional luggage along with them). When you ride in a campervan, you can bring want you want to bring without having to worry about stringent baggage restrictions. There are also no limitations on what you bring so you do not need to be concerned about having your items confiscated by the authorities.

Enjoy a Cultural Experience

Even if you are an Australian travelling across Australia, there are so many different parts of our country and different cultures that you may feel that you are in a completely different country a lot of the time. Travelling by campervan gives you the true experience of what it is like to be a part of these different cultures. You can pick up new phrases, enjoy local cuisine, and peruse local and aboriginal art.

Steer Clear Of Tourist Traps

When you plan to travel as a group on a bus, train or any other mode of transportation, you will undoubtedly be brought to the many tourist traps that are in the area. Choosing to travel by campervan allows you to plot out your own course, choose to see what you want to see, and really explore the area the way you want to.

Bring Your Own Bedding

Travelling by campervan means no more expensive hotel stays. It also means being able to visit friends and family who live abroad without needing to sleep in their lounge rooms, in their guestrooms or on the floor. You will have your own private space even if you are parked in their driveway.

No More Time Restrictions

One of the most stressful parts of taking a holiday are the various time restrictions that surround them. You need to be at the gate a certain number of hours before your departure or you have to be ready to check out at a certain time.

When you travel by campervan, you are able to allocate your time as you see fit.  This not only eliminates the stress which surrounds time restraints, but it also means that you are able to focus on the journey, take your time, and truly immerse yourself in the experience. Travelling by campervan gives you ultimate control and freedom over your holiday.

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