How Does Classic Holidays Work- Is It A Scam Or Legitimate?

The most talk-about holiday club in the world, Classic Holidays, has been arranging exceptional holidays for families since a decade. They take care of their members in every way with their travel needs and give additional attention in making their holidays count. In all these years they have build a niche for themselves having more than 650 employees, taking care of almost 65,000 club members in and around Australia and New Zealand. 

Classic Holidays takes pride in making your holidays happen. They are responsible in arranging everything for its members including planning, implementation, reservation and even car rentals. There are some protagonists that are badmouthing about the company, but there are people who love Classic Holidays and consider that it is the best thing for families. Every year many members book holiday with this club and this year almost over 98,000 member holidays booked in. Overall, the Classic Holiday Club is one of the legitimate institutions that organize versatile, flexible and diverse holidays for its members. Below are outlined some of the points that justifies the point that joining Classic Holidays Membership is absolutely rewarding-

  • People who are travel freak and love to explore the world, Classic Holidays make a wonderful holiday arrangement to its members to cherish for the rest of your life.
  • Club members can experience top-notch facilities organized by the Club. They can have access to excellent resorts and accommodation facilities in the world’s most beautiful and exquisite areas.
  • The forte of Classic Holidays is to provide members with enduring affordability. Once you sign up as member with this club, you enjoy affordable relaxation in the expenses.
  • As a member, Classic Holidays offer you the lowest possible prices for travel and accommodation.

 The special discounts that you can receive as a members are-

    1. 15% discount to the price of any resort, hotel or accommodation
    2. Up to 70+% on the price of off-peak packages for accommodation.
    3. Up to 40% off on all international travel bookings.
    4. Up to 40% off on cruises packages.
    5. A minimum of 15% discount on comprehensive travel insurance.
    6. A maximum of 40% off on car rentals and activities.


Being a member of a Resort Owner under the membership of Classic Holidays club, you own a traditional week of timeshare at the resorts of Classic Holidays. You can take opportunity of being one of the members and get free membership and exchange of week for $1000 off on cruise tour. You can look online for Classic Holidays Reviews that will help you make an informed decision. There are negative reviews comments and stupid comparisons that are completely baseless and are intended to hamper company’s reputation.

Again, as a member of this wide holiday club, you have access to affordable holiday ownership throughout the world. Additional features including the discounts can also be achieved through your connection with Classic Holidays and its global partners.

If you desperately want to create ‘once-in-lifetime’ holiday memories, it is time to join Classic Holidays Club membership and enjoy the pleasure of taking a world tour. You shouldn’t pay heed to all those blabbering, be confident and ask other members, they will tell you that Classic Holidays is widely acknowledged.

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