London Sights And Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss


Whether you’re traveling with your partner, or even if you’re visiting with friends, London is one of the most stunning cities in the world and is certain to captivate even the least traditional of minds. This is the center of global finance and as such is the home to the British Government, the British Royal Family and is also the headquarters of the British Armed Forces. For a place so small, London has some serious history, most of which can be experienced during your stay for little or no cost at all. Just make sure you get a map when you arrive, because the layout is a little odd to say the least. 

Buckingham Palace

This is Queen Elizabeths largest palace in England, and is a major stopping point for most people who visit the capital. Upon construction, there was some seriously bad feeling in the country due to its size and the fact that no expense was spared. Although she doesn’t live here most of the time, the Queen can be seen on occasion waving to tourists from the balcony or leaving under armed guards through the main gates. At 11:30’ish every day her specially trained squad of protectors perform a ceremonial parade that’s known as “the changing of the guards”, and this is a sight many tourists enjoy.

The London Eye

A mile or so down the road from Buckingham Palace we come across the largest Ferris wheel in the country, known as the London Eye. Tickets can be obtained from any of the portacabins at the base of the attraction, and the ride takes around half an hour to complete, giving you stunning views of London from above. Before this was around, the only way of seeing such views was by helicopter, but that was far too expensive for most people, and so now it’s much more financially viable. The breathtaking sights are sure to impress the smaller members of your family, and will almost certainly leave you with a much different impression of the region.

The Houses Of Parliament

Built hundreds of years ago, the Houses of Parliament in Westminster is one of the most stunningly impressive constructs in the entire capital, and is also the place where British politicians meet to hammer out policy. Ideally, you’d want to visit here on a weekday, as you’d be able to see it in full working action. However, it’s just as cool on the weekends when all the other tourists arrive. It actually sits right on the bank of the River Thames, with water constantly splashing up the side of the clock tower known as Big Ben.

The Tower Of London

This is where political prisoners and traitors would be taken and kept under lock and key whilst their trials were ongoing, and sometimes even after. Today it’s looked after by a special troop of people known as the Beefeaters, and visitors are able to buy tickets letting them walk around the site. It’s probably one of the oldest looking buildings in the center of London, and often gets described as a castle. Still, I wouldn’t like to have been locked up in there. Anyone wishing to visit this attraction, and the others on the list should probably look for some reputable London Stansted airport hotels, especially if you’re traveling from overseas.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant time in old London town, regardless of which sights and attractions you choose to visit. My only advice would be to head towards Westminster, because there are many things to do in the surrounding areas, meaning your day will be as fun packed as possible.

See you soon!

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