Toronto’s Best Boutique Hotel: The Drake Hotel

A boutique hotel is a hotel that often contains luxury facilities that come in varying sizes in a unique or perhaps intimate setting in addition to full service accommodations. A typical boutique hotel is often furnished in a stylish or themed manner. Unlike large hotel services, the services offered in a boutique hotel are aimed to provide comfort, intimacy and a welcoming appeal.

There are a lot of Toronto boutique hotels. However, not all of these hotels can provide the best services and experience. The Drake Hotel, on the other hand, is the best Toronto boutique hotel. In fact, this is dubbed as a top rated and famous boutique hotel in the city. In fact, this is the city’s “Hot Bed for Culture.” This famed boutique hotel is a modern hotel offering a one stop unique experience for both design nerds and nightlife lovers. From the live music in The Underground and the award winning cocktails at The Sky Yard roof top patio, to the ongoing art exhibits and the yummy treats, there is always something great and unique happening at The Drake Hotel.

The Drake Hotel truly has a lot of great things to offer. In fact, the entire hotel sizzles visually as this boutique hotel comes with a designated curator as well as a graphic designer that offers their unique art creations on the interiors of the hotel right down to the menus of the hotels and to the pass cards for the rooms of the hotel. It is definitely unbelievable that the hotel is over a hundred years old. Even with its rich history, the hotel is also packed with New York style loft furnishings, boundary pushing art pieces, slick bathroom sinks and many other contemporary art pieces.

Even if the rooms are actually smaller in this Toronto boutique hotel compared to the rooms in average hotels, the place definitely offers something unique and exciting, as it is very particular with giving attention to every detail, making it a delight to explore. The hotel offers great amenities like see through showers and an extensive pleasure catalogue. In addition, extras like the unique creams and cleansing products, the iPod docking alarm system, a treats tray and an in-room safe are also available. With all these extras, this hotel hits the hearts of every pop culture junkie.

At The Drake Hotel, going hungry is never an option. This unique boutique hotel has different places to chow down. Even if the mains that are served in the Lounge, Café, Dining Room and the Sky Yard are a bit more costly compared to the average demands for a night, the meals are definitely worth it when it comes to presentation and taste. For those who want something more affordable, the Taco and Tequila Shack in the Sky Yard is definitely the place to be.

Author Bio:- Francis Jodden is a Canadian travel and tourism expert who writes about the best places to stay across Canada. When choosing among Toronto’s most popular boutique hotels, Francis recommends The Drake Hotel and he knows you will too.

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