Tips For Free Camping In Australia

Free camping and low-cost camping are great ways of travelling across Australia without spending a large amount of money on lodging. You can park your camper vans at many of these camps and enjoy the great outdoors. Many offer free toilets and showers, picnic areas, fire pits, and other amenities. If you want to hook your camper van up to power, you may have to pay a small amount, but it’s quite affordable. However, there are rules to follow at these free camps, some of which are unspoken. Here are some tips for having a great time camping for free.

Don’t Arrive Incredibly Late

Imagine enjoying the quiet sounds of the night in your tent when suddenly a camper van comes roaring into the campsite and you hear people talking and banging things around. Disturbing people after dark, especially in the early morning hours, is definitely frowned upon. Do your best to arrive before the sun goes down so that you’re able to see without using a torch while setting up your campsite. Many camping areas ask that residents refrain from making loud noises during specific times, including driving their camper vans in or out of the area.

Make Space

In some campgrounds, camping spaces are designated areas that are assigned by the attendant when you arrive. At others, you may be able park your camper van just about anywhere you’d like. If that’s the case, always remember to leave some room between your camping space and your neighbours. You want to make sure everyone has some privacy and personal space to call his or her own. You also want to be sure you haven’t blocked in any other camper van or are blocking access to another camping spot.

Bring What You Need

When you’re considering your camper van hire, be sure you add on any additional items that you need or make certain you’ve packed your own. Most campsites, especially free campsites, don’t have any extra items for campers to use. They may provide some water, and some do have a small general store that offers food and other basics, but never count on that. If you find that you need something and it’s after dark, you may want to ask your neighbours instead of trying to drive out of the camp area.

Leave the Area Clean

Most campgrounds have very strict rules about disposing of waste. Always clean up your camp area and make use of the rubbish bins. Never leave the area a mess. This includes burying any human waste and making sure all fires are properly put out before you leave the area.

Make a Donation

While many campgrounds are free, some do have a donation box at the entrance. You’re not required to make a donation, of course, but most do consider it the proper thing to do, especially if you use the campsite for more than one night. You can donate as much or as little as you like and all the donations are usually put towards keeping the campsite open and free to use.

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