The Most Spectacular New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

Where will you spend the night between the years? Will you be on the street, celebrating the New Year along with hundreds of other people, or will you be in a much smaller circle of friends at a house party? Will you be attending a reception, or a dinner with friends? Or will you sip a glass of champagne in front of the fireplace, playing casino games all night? The choice is yours, but allow us to give you a few tips on where you can assist to the most spectacular New Year’s celebrations around the world. Who knows – we may be able to convince you to leave the fireplace for another night.

London, England
While the celebrations might be a bit toned down this year due to the terrorist threat looming, London will surely put up a traditionally amazing light show on New Year’s Eve. This year, just like in 2014, the event will be ticketed to limit the huge number of people willing to take part of the show. It takes place on the river Thames, opposite to the Parliament. A ticket costs £10 (around $15).

When you wake up after the longest night of the year, you will be invited to see one of the most spectacular New Year’s parades of Europe. The New Year’s Day Parade turns 30 next year (it was first held in 1987), so it will put up an amazing show: over 8,000 performers will participate in the free event.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney has a series of iconic landmarks that are worth seeing – just think of its futuristic opera house. But imagine the same sights in the light of fireworks blooming in the skies in the night between the years. Sydney is among the first to enter the New Year, and each year the city greets it with a spectacular show. It will cover the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Islands, and the famous Harbour Bridge.

But the best part of spending the night between years in Sydney is that it’s summer there – the average nighttime temperature for December is 22°C (72°F), so you don’t have to worry about being cold. If not from the champagne, that is.

Dubai, Arab Emirates
For the most spectacular fireworks of the world you’ll have to visit Dubai on the night between the years. In 2014 the Burj Khalifa fireworks broke the record of the longest and most spectacular show in the world, and for this year it prepares something even more amazing. The whole city comes to life during New Year’s Eve, with amazing dance and music shows, endless parties and balmy weather. An experience worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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