Reasons For Which Your Chinese Visa In Orlando Might Get Rejected

China is one of the most frequently visited travel and tourist destinations in the world. People who intend to visit Asia’s largest country for travel and tourism need to have valid China tourist visa in Orlando. Apart from traveling, many people visit China for business, work as well as study purposes as well. And everyone needs a valid visa for making entry into the country. But getting a visa for entering China is not as simple as it seems to be. There are times when the visa application gets rejected and the candidate is denied a valid visa for entry into the country.

Whether it is Chinese visa in Orlando or visa for some other country, there are high chances that visa applications can be cancelled for some reason or the other. Having a visa cancelled is a devastating thing as it can spoil the whole travel plan. Not only this, the processing fee is non-refundable and the amount of the same is not very less. The most irritating thing is that it is not always clear why the visa application has been rejected at the first place. Mentioned below find some common reasons for which your Chinese visa in Orlando could have been cancelled:

  • Technical errors

Technical errors have shown to bring in really bad results for visa applications. For instance, a couple’s wedding date and marriage registration date might not be the same. While applying for visa, the right date needs to be used in the right place. An anomaly in the dates can cause problems and lead to rejection of visa application.

Photos for visa application come with strict guidelines. Violating these guidelines can lead to rejection of the visa. Many people try using old photos and there are high chances of these getting cancelled.

Errors like damaged passports, passports with little validity left, incomplete applications, discrepancy in date of hotel booking and date of arrival etc are some very common mistakes people make in their visa application form and lead to problems.

For China visa, there is a condition that visa is not given to applicants who belong to disputed area.

  • Applying the wrong visa category

Well, this is one of the most common errors that people make while filling up visa application forms. It is very important to choose the right visa category in the application form. Requirements of different visa categories are different. Read and understand things clearly and only then fill up the visa category. Submit suitable documents and papers as per the category.

  • Not traveled even after having a visa

It might happen that a candidate applied for a visa and got it and did not travel after that. For the visa issuing officials, this might not seem to be right. To refrain from troubles regarding this area, it is recommended to add a cover letter and explain in detail the cause of your not traveling inspite of having a valid visa in place. The concerned officials might find the reasoning valid and grant a visa without any doubt.

  • Previous records of visa violations

If you have previous history record of visa violations, you might have a hard time in getting visa for traveling to China. The immigration systems have complete and detailed information about the overstaying visa limits, previous visa rejections, deportations, criminal charges, working on tourist visa of a candidate. On next visa application, these details pop up bringing in a severely negative impact. In case there are such incidents, make sure that you have a covering letter and there should be a declaration assuring that nothing of the past will happen again.

  • Selection of the wrong agency for visa services

There are many agencies claiming to offer the best visa services in Orlando FL, but all of them might not be highly trusted. It is very important that the right agency is chosen for the visa services so that there is no problem in the visa processing whatsoever. Gather details and references of the agency before endowing them with the job of acquiring your visa.

Keep these simple but very important things in mind and get your visa for China travel in an easy manner.

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