Kids Suitcase Ideas By Valenciaflats

When planning a journey with children one never is sure about what to put into the suitcase. The list of things that must be carried never ends and once in the journey we sometimes regret not having included that item or having included these ones.

This infographic is done by Valencia Flats , the  top company of holiday rentals in Valencia, Spain.

kids-suitcase-ideas mnSOME KIDS SUITCASE IDEAS:

Here are some ideas that may help you to do the perfect kids suitcase:

The first thing is the suitcase. A funny suitcase for the kid, better a light trolley, It is going to be their “home” for a few days and they need feeling comfortable with it.

A little backpack, different from the school one, will be useful too for the outings.

His/her favourite toy. Only one is the best. Let them choose it and in case it would be the bike or that big lovely bear, try to explain that it must be carried of by him/her at any time as well as the suitcase. Avoid the electronic toys, they might be useless sometimes.

medicines they are used to take, only in small samples, one thermometer, decorated plasters, an after bite cream, towelettes and toothpaste with toothbrush and a comb. Better in a hard plastic box easy to identify.

Always include a coat, not matter what weather is and best if it is a raincoat. In warm sunny places it is cooler in the evenings and early mornings and if you are going to a beach place, the coat will protect the kid from the wet air in the nights.

High sun protection cream for kids and sun-glasses for mountain and beach. Swimming goggles for the swimming pool and  trunks or swimsuit and armbands if they are still using them.

It is quite useful a small light for the nights with an international socket, not only for the babies but for the growing ups too. Awakening in a strange place is somehow upsetting.

Small pastime like game cards for children, little pencils and a notebook to draw or write will delight them in the long journeys by plane, by car, by train…

The older ones would love to play with their game console too.

Two pairs of comfortable shoes at least, better the sport ones and water resistant and a pair of sandals (that can be used too as slippers)

And why not? A light blanket or duvet if the kid is fond of it, will be useful in the train, in the car, in the sofa having a nap. And an inflatable ball, the little type will do to play in everywhere.

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