Kick Off The Holiday Season With A Bang

image1It is believed that the first fireworks were created in China during the Han dynasty. Chunks of green bamboo were thrown into the fire and, as the air and sap trapped inside was heated, they eventually expanded and exploded. The Chinese believed the sound would frighten away evil spirits and soon began bursting bamboo at weddings, coronations and the Chinese New Year to ward away spirits to bring about happiness and prosperity. They later developed an explosive mixture of sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal that was quite flammable and would explode when confined in a tight space. Pyrotechnics spread throughout Europe when explorers happened upon the displays.

Today, a large variety of fireworks are available that produce a myriad of displays in brightly flashing colours, making everything from large booming sounds to whistling noises. Aerial repeaters, also referred to as cakes, produce a variety of effects. They consist of several tubes attached together. When ignited, they shoot an array of colourful light into the air. Firecrackers are an all-time favourite that produce a brief explosion upon ignition. Spinners direct the air flow downward and lift off the ground; they are available in flying or ground spinner types. A charge ignites and ejects a spray of sparks from within, with some varieties exploding near the end of the display. Fountains are placed on the ground and produce a shower of sparks. Rockets and missiles shoot into the air and produce a shower of sparks often accompanied by a crackling sound. Roman candles are tubes that fire shots from the end. Some produce stars, others flashes while sounding out an explosion, whistle or crackle. Wheels spin around their centre emitting sparks, crackles and whistles. These are only a few examples of the many types of fireworks that are available.

Pyrotechnics are available in a large assortment of sizes and types. Purchasing a packaged assortment is typically less expensive than buying them separately. For those who wish to do their own display, a packaged assortment will provide a good variety and save time and money. There are packages that contain smaller, less volatile explosions for those with small children; as well as high powered rocket and mortar packages for an outstanding neighborhood display that closely resembles that of a professional display.

Fireworks can make any special occasion even more enjoyable and memorable. Purchasing fireworks online makes it convenient to order for any event. In addition, you can save time by placing the order in the comfort of your own home. Online shopping also makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to visit multiple stores. Many sites will offer discounts on packages or bundles.

When you are using pyrotechnic devices, always use caution. Do not allow children to play with them and do not place any part of the body over the devices when igniting them. Be sure to move to a safe distance once they are ignited and never try to relight a fuse or pick up the explosive once it is lit. Never point them at another person and always keep water handy in case of an accident. Don’t carry them in pockets or fire them from glass or metal containers.

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