Important Reminders For NSW Tourists: How To Avoid Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in different cities and areas in Australia, including the New South Wales. There is a variety of reasons why road mishaps like pedestrian accidents happen in NSW, and some of it involved human error and negligence. However, many of these reasons can be avoided if only proper safety and preventive measures were carried out.

Pedestrian accidents do not discriminate; any pedestrian can get caught in such accident. Hence, it is important for New South Wales pedestrians to be knowledgeable about this type of road accident. Pedestrians should know some of the common causes of such accidents in order for them to spare themselves from getting involved in one. If you are visiting the region for accommodation at luxury hotels NSW, you must know the common causes of pedestrian accidents, which include:

Drunk driving – Drivers operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol are likely to cause a road accident. When a driver is intoxicated, there is a great tendency that he or she loses ability to react to sudden changes in traffic thus causing an accident. Intoxicated drivers have compromised driving skills, decision-making skills, sound mind, and quick reflexes. Hence, these drivers can easily cause a pedestrian accident.

Distracted driving – Drivers who use their cell phone while driving are likely to cause a road accident because their attention is divided. Some studies suggest that distracted drivers are like drunk drivers for they cannot properly react to abrupt changes in the traffic situation. When a pedestrian suddenly crosses the street, and the driver’s eyes are not on road, a disaster may just be around the corner. It is important for drivers to focus their attention on the road so they can quickly react to such situation.

Speeding – Motorists who fail to slow down when approaching pedestrian lanes or crosswalks can cause a tragic pedestrian accident. Drivers who speed have limited time to react to abrupt changes in traffic like a pedestrian crossing the road. It is vital for drivers to be conscious when driving around crowded areas like schools, shopping centers, parks, and the like since pedestrians crossing in those areas is very common. The rule of thumb when driving around those areas is to go slow and to stop at crosswalks in order not to hit any pedestrian.

Absence of line marking – Line markings are very important in observing safety of pedestrians. Line marking is important in giving drivers a warning or heads-up regarding crosswalks and pedestrian areas. Simply put, whenever there is a road marking, drivers should be slow down and be watchful of incoming pedestrians to avoid any accidents.

NSW pedestrians should always be conscious when walking around the city in order to avoid getting involved in an unfortunate incident. The following are some of the tips pedestrians could do to avoid being a victim of road accident:

Cross only in crosswalks – Use designated crosswalks when crossing streets or road to avoid any accident. Using these crosswalks will make you more visible to drivers as they are aware it is where pedestrians cross.

Stay visible – If possible, wear clothing that is bright-colored, especially at night, when crossing so drivers can easily notice you.

Follow traffic signals at all time – Do not cross when the traffic light does not tell you to do so. This simple act can save you from a tragic pedestrian accident.

In order to avoid pedestrian accident while on your way to luxury hotels NSW, always be mindful of your actions and behavior while on the road. You can spare yourself from an accident by prioritizing safety at all times.

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