Get In The Swing Of Things With Great Golf Holiday Packages In Thailand

Ah, the great game of golf. Mark Twain famously described golf as “a good walk spoiled,” but the fact of the matter is the great game has never been more popular than it is today. And after all, why not? Golf combines the great outdoors with the thrill of sport at a pace which allows for conversation and contemplation to create an experience like no other. It’s a sport that was born in Scotland, took off across Europe and America, and is now a truly global game with new courses springing up around the world. To that end, far from being just “a good walk spoiled,” golf vacations are more popular than ever before. Not only do you get the fun of a few rounds of 9, 12, or 18 holes, but you likewise get to enjoy different courses in different countries. With multiculturalism being the new byword of the business world, this means big bucks for the golf and travel industries alike, as the level of interest in golf holidays is rising year after year.

Of course, with that rise in interest can come a rise in price, and golf is not exactly the least expensive game out there to begin with. Still, there are many ways to plan a golf holiday and make it memorable, with Thailand being one of the prime spots to do just that.

Why Thailand?

Even if you’re not a golf aficionado, you’re bound to raise an eyebrow or two at the mention of Thailand among the premier locations for golf holidays. Thailand? Really? Yes, really—the great game has really begun to catch on in the Far East, with many of the world’s new golfing hotspots located in this region, none hotter than Thailand. From sprawling new courses to its traditional tourist spots, Thailand is an increasingly popular place to visit for Westerners, with golf holidays in Thailand being yet another great draw.

Other Entertainment

Part of the reason golf holidays in Thailand are so popular is because there is plenty to do before and after hitting the links. For example, you can tour Buddhist temples which date back centuries, or take in some fine exemplars of Thai art and culture. Then there’s the shopping and dining experience. Bangkok in particular, offers a unique and brilliant blend of Thai food with other culinary traditions.

The Courses Themselves

Additionally, there are the golf courses themselves. There are many new and challenging golf courses in Thailand. Whether you prefer smaller and more intimate courses with all manner of nuanced nooks and crannies along the fairway or sprawling fields of fairway-green, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, specific Thailand golf holiday packages make the experience more affordable by offering everyday or event-based deals on specific courses. These represent a great way to get your golf game on while saving money.

Finally, the Thai environment and cultural atmosphere lends something fresh to the great old game, making a golf vacation there a real hole in one.

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