Cycling Tours In China

Why taking a cycling tour in China? European tour operators as the famous Intakt-Reisen in Germany already know: Hey, it is a big land that full of wonders. Be sure to watch it by your own way. Instead of strapping on the bus seats and driven here and there, taking a bicycle means you can discover it in relax pace and see the every detail of Chinese vast culture, its scenery and people. Ride on the off-the beaten way and interact with domestic people in the most good-looking places of China, which are also the most perfect places for all ages to travel by bicycle.


Most people favor to Beijing as the present and previous capital of China. But along your riding road in Beijing, Skyscrapers standing in remarkable numbers prove that Beijing is an ancient and modern mixture city. You can ride to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall and other ancient places.

Cycling in Hutong spots is full of wonders. At the initial glance, they are almost the same, formed by lining building with gray titles and gray walls. They are narrow but fun of life: old men signing for playing chess, children playing around, people preparing food and the domestic bicyclists traveling through. It is a special place with different environment. Sometimes you follow into a large street and find many small shops, like little hair cutter businesses, little bakeries, and small supermarkets.


Cycling in the traditional city walks of Xian makes your cycling journey best. The wall is remarkable and cyclists can have a bird’s eye view of the city. The way on the peak of the traditional city walls is flat and wide. Lower the speed and you will obtain the real history feeling from the rend lanterns, armed soldiers and old walls around.

Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou

Eastern China, especially the place near the inferior reaches of Yangtze River, has forever been regarded as men of letters and homeland of scholars. The pleasant water villages, pretty and typical Chinese women and the natural Chinese gardens in that area will actually give you a deep ideaof what eastern China is like.

In Wuzhen, a typical Chinese water town close to Hangzhou, the river running through the town was once the big means of transportation for domestic people. The town is full of wooden architecture and black titled with white walls in quick contrast, offering the sense of Chinese oil painting. Providing a glimpse in the domestic home, many of the domestic men are found to breed silkworms.  The homes are dotted along with waterside, so most domestic people can buy the vegetables and fruits from the boats outside their windows. Domestic people are fond of plants and flowers, both are bloom in the sunshine, including a touch to this quiet old town.

But taking a cycling trip in China is not always an easy thing for some cyclists. They know little things about China, not to mention the routes, the transferring between destinations…

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