Considerable Points While Carrying Mooring Operations

If you are a seafarer or a crew member, you would definitely know how important a mooring operation is. It is one of those important tasks that cannot be done easily and without proper care. To carry out mooring operations one must have a thorough knowledge of the type of ship, and various associate things that will make sure the safety of the crew and the right operation of the mooring.

Many crews have lost their lives while carrying out the mooring operations on the deck. Therefore it is highly necessary to understand the machinery involved in mooring and the nitty gritty of cargo operation. There are various precautions that must be taken in order to secure everyone’s life on the ship. If you are planning to hire mooring service providers, contact GP Marine today. These professional mooring experts provide new installation, repair, and maintenance for both private and commercial maritime industry.

Here are some of the essential factors to consider while doing mooring operations.

No extra crew on the deck

With any extra staff on the deck during mooring operations, problems may arise in the smooth work of the mooring. The crew who are not assisting in the mooring operations are better to leave the deck to avoid any accidental situations. This will keep them safe. Whoever is in charge of the management must look into this matter so that no extra crew is allowed to stay on the deck.

Consider weather condition

This is a very important factor to consider. Weather condition, if not favourable may become a risk factor. Wind and current can affect badly while you are doing mooring operations on deck. It is highly advisable to learn about the weather forecast before starting any mooring work. Always keep an eye on the weather data and make sure that you do not start the work in bad weather.

Mooring equipment must be checked

The mooring equipment includes the mooring winch, drums, windlass and so on. This equipment must be checked beforehand to make sure safe mooring operations. Routine maintenance and repairs from professional mooring service providers such as GP Marine will keep the equipment in good condition. To ensure smooth operations mooring equipment must be well-maintained.

Mooring line road checking

The maximum breaking load must not increase than 55%. This will make sure that your line stays safe from breaking. After loading the mooring line it needs to be kept in continuous check. After the operation is complete the line load must be checked for any imperfections or issues. The rope condition should be checked too as any fault in it may cause accidents. Moreover, the tail of the mooring line must be of even size for all the lines. This is to make sure that the load in the mooring line remains even.

These above-mentioned guidelines will help you do the mooring operations in the safest way possible. After all, safety is of utmost importance in mooring operations. You do not want any of your crew to suffer. Right maintenance of mooring equipment, knowledge and experience will lead to perfect mooring works. For more information, get in touch with an expert today.

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