5 Money-Saving Tips For A Family Vacation In New York City

New York City is such a popular destination that it’s either a place you have been to or a place you want to go. Unfortunately, its popularity is one of the elements that make it such a pricey travel destination. Discover a few budget-saving tips that can help make this dream a reality without destroying your savings account.

Check All New York Airports for Deals

When trying to find an affordable flight to New York City, make sure to check all three airports —JFK International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport — as one airport may have a better deal over the other. Newark airport is only 12 miles outside of New York City, and while you’re bound to encounter traffic to get into the city, flying into Newark rather than JFK could be an easy way to save some money on airfare.

Stay in Queens 

Although it is 30 minutes from New York City, staying in Queens is a tip that can save you money. Find great deals on hotels in Queens at more than affordable prices. Stay at a two-star hotel for around $60 or a three-star hotel for a little more than $100. With prices like these deals, you’d be under the impression that you’re staying in a small town in the middle of nowhere, rather than only 30 minutes outside of one of the largest cities in the United States.

Avoid Taxis, Use Alternative Transportation

Once you’re in New York City, the subway is an affordable way to travel from place to place. The cost of a short taxi ride can be outrageous, and multiple Uber rides can add up quickly. A seven-day unlimited ride metro pass costs around $32, or you can pay per ride. Alternatively, Citi Bike — a bike-sharing service — is available at certain places around the city, places that you can easily find by using its app.

Find Free Sightseeing

Many activities in New York City can quickly empty your wallet, but you can take advantage of plenty of free ones. Central Park is a beautiful must-see destination in New York City, as is Times Square. Want to go to MoMA, but don’t want to pay $25 per person? Get free admission from 4 to 8 p.m. on Fridays. Love to walk? Check out the High Line.

Eat Smart

Dining out in any city, especially New York City, can get expensive fast. How can you avoid this issue? Step outside of the city and eat near the college towns where food is more affordable. Additionally, New York is well-known for its fantastic food in its ethnic neighborhoods of Chinatown, Little Italy, and Little India. If neither of these options sounds appealing, you can always find one of New York City’s many by-the-slice pizza places or the ever-abundant street food options.

With so much to see and so many things to do, a trip to New York City is bound to be an unforgettable one. With the above tips, it can also be an affordable one.

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