New Homes {An Announcement!}

A little over a week ago, our family landed in the country of Uganda, to make this beautiful country our new home. We are just beginning our journey here on the red soil– learning where to buy milk, who sells potatoes at the best price, sorting out electrical and internet problems, and {Lord, help me!} how to drive on muddy sloping hills called roads.

And yes, it feels different and sometimes hard, but it already feels like HOME. Because walking with Jesus in the everyday moments of life is the same, no matter where your feet soil of Uganda

As I settle in to new life in a new country, I am also ecstatic to share with you my NEW online HOME!

I am over the moon excited to share with you that I am joining the lovely group of nine new contributors at (in)courage {go meet them!}! Yay! (in)courage is a a beautiful space to minister to YOUR heart.


I hope you will visit (in)courage, stay awhile, and find Jesus in the midst of the everyday moments we share there.

I hope you find it HOME. 

Love to you!


  1. Laura Sullivan says

    Joy- as you make your footprints in the red soil of Uganda, the cyber soil of (in)courage, and the wounded soil of fallen hearts I encourage you with the recent insight of my newly turned 9 year old daughter Anne- as we studied geography on a monday and she attempted to grasp the correct word for the lines of longitude from her growing brain- the coolest word slipped out instead. ‘Is it lines of gratitude mom?’ she asked. Wow, shouldn’t it be i thought. That we should challenge ourselves in the varying degrees of gratitude in relation to where we are upon the earth. So here for me today- I lay out my gratitudes, accepting the increase in attitude that i know is crucial to seeing the face of Christ in the day, in myself, in others, in circumstances… fulling trusting that home, my latitude and longitude is not sight unseen by Him. Amen.

  2. Heather Thornton says

    God bless you, my friend! I’m so excited to see how the Lord is glorified in and through you all in this next chapter!!! Praying for you all.

  3. Alia_Joy says

    I am so excited to write alongside you and get to know you more. I have a special place in my heart for Uganda even though I’ve never been. And if you ever come back through Central Oregon, we’ll have to get together in real life.

  4. says

    Oh Joy. I am so very thrilled that all your sweetness will be joining the team over at (in)courage. And I will never forget seeing you at IF…how you called out to me, how we shared, and how we prayed together over one another. What a gift to pray together. You are a true Jesus-sister and my heart is with you as you serve in Uganda and online too. May God continue to meet you in real and deep ways as you adjust to all He is giving. With so much love to you, friend…xo

  5. MotheringFromScratch says

    {Melinda} Congratulations and may God bless you as you settle into both of your new homes! I know (in)courage will be a perfect fit for you and we’ll all be blessed by your presence there!

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