The Cross and Mothering {Video}

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This is for the mom who sits outside her child’s bedroom door to keep her kids from getting out of bed…again.

This is for the mom who looks around embarrassed at the grocery store as their child throws a fit…again.

This is for the mom who wonders if she can make it through the day….again.

This is for the mom who feels guilty that she blew up and yelled at her kids, wondering if she messed them up forever….again, even when she promised herself she would never do it… again.

Because, if we are honest, at some level, we are all that mom. And if you are sitting there thinking, “Oh that’s not me at all. I’m a wonderful mom.” Well, then, just wait…your day is coming. No I’m kidding, I hope you never have those moments. But you see, this is also for that mom. The one who is resting on her performance as a “great mom”, who is desperately trying to be perfect and keep it all together.

Because rather than focusing on our failures OR our accomplishments we can REST in the completed work of Christ- and only that-not our performance-and just rest in His overwhelming love for us. We need to trade in our performance obsession OR our failing obsession {which are BOTH really a sin obsessions} for a Savior obsession.

So as you watch this video, I invite you to rest. Rest from the feelings of failure or the burden of striving for perfect. This is not going to be a nice set of to-do’s that will leave you overwhelmed, more things to heap on to your already overflowing list. Just come, hear and revel in God’s great love for you, His daughter, as evidenced to us in the Gospel, and let it make your heart sing.

As it says in 2 Thessalonians, “And may the Lord direct our hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.”

I am praying the Lord directs your heart to His love and Christ’s steadfastness today. I love you, sister.

If you are reading this in an email, click here for the video.

If you’d prefer just audio, here is the link.

So much of this content stems from my study of the Word, but also from 3 amazing books, Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman, and Christ in the Chaos by Kimm Crandall.

 Love From Uganda,



  1. Michelle Akrami says

    Oh, Joy – this video is exactly where I’m at today. I relate oh so much to all you said! Thank you so much for reminding me of the truths of Jesus! Thank you, dear sister, for being so transparent and honest! In that, you have encouraged me and I KNOW other moms!!

  2. Brooke Varner says

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Joy. I am so deeply both a Pharisee and someone who focuses on my failures. The Lord is definitely revealing to me the areas that I need to surrender to Him. Oh, but surrender is so hard. Thank you for the encouragement that I am loved by Him and that I am being changed by Him each and every hour of each and every day.

  3. sarah says

    Joy, thank you so much for posting this. God has answered a deep cry of my heart from this message. I have been feeling so hopeless and such a failure as a mum recently, and just this morning I was crying out to God to help me be better and to be good in my heart. He answered me through this video, that I don’t need to be good, because Jesus has already been good for me, and I need to stop striving and start trusting. I too read ‘Because He loves me’ by ELyse and it was totally transforming when I read it 2 years ago, but it would appear I have amnesia ( as Elyse says) and I forget the good news of His Gospel of Grace! Thank you very much indeed for reminding me. I am going to go back and re-read that book. May God bless you for blessing me today. x

  4. says

    I found you through a post on Facebook, and I am so glad I did! Your blog, your words, are like a breath of fresh heavenly air, and you make me more aware of God’s love for me, even on the messiest mom days!

  5. Cherie says

    Joy your talk was so full of grace and such a great message for moms. I appreciated your visuals of the snake and tea pot (Jesus) pouring into us (cup) to overflow into our family. Oh how often we settle for trickles from here and there.

    I hope you find your furlough restful. I must introduce you to a friend of mine who just moved to Uganda on the 3rd and will be there for three years. They are somehow involved with the orphanage Cherish Uganda. Where will you be located?


  6. Susan D says

    Thank you very much for sharing this message, Joy. I, too, struggle with being a Pharisee and being self-righteous. I appreciate your openness and honesty. Your story about coming home after your night away reminded me of how I have responded to my husband/ family time and again as well. It’s funny to hear you tell it, but definitely not funny in real life. I plan to listen to this message again so that I might glean more practical help for this pharisee. :)

  7. Heather Thornton says

    Oh Joy…. Praise Jesus for what He said to my heart through you this morning. Thank you for being vulnerable, real and honest. God is so good. “Speaking the truth in love…” you have helped me to grow today into “Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.” Praying for you all, dear friend.

  8. says

    Joy, the Lord broke my heart as I listened to your message this morning. I have tried several times to listen to this, and was interrupted several times. This morning, the Lord knew I was ready, and opened the door for me to truly hear what He had for me. My circumstances are my journey; they are not the interruption in my journey. How I respond when I am “bumped” is an outstanding indicator of my heart… and it’s not pretty right now. More of Jesus. More of Jesus. I want the cup filled from the fountain, not the gathered drips from empty promises. Thank you, Joy, for being used by our Savior!

  9. D. says

    I’m very thankful to the Lord who directed me to your blog tonight. After putting the kids to bed my temptation was to think that I needed to chill with something that would make ME happy and relaxed. How thankful I am that I WAS able to “chill” as I watched you share your heart and encourage all of us weary mothers to come to the Fountain. My weariness will only be carried as I come to Him and find rest in Him. Thank you!

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